Samantha Emily Evans, in excitement as well as preparation for submitting to Stereoscope, asked a few more questions of the committee to find out more about this inspiring magazine. 


Stereoscope Magazine is one of my favorite magazines in St. Andrews. With unique and complex themes and a beautiful magazine for purchase, it is a dream to submit and be published within their pages. This year’s theme is ‘Synthetic’, which I found overwhelmingly general, yet intriguing, so I asked Lauren Santucci a few more questions.

How did Stereoscope begin in 2010?

Stereoscope Magazine is the fruition of a group of like-minded students who shared a passion for art and wanted to continue the photographic heritage of the town. St Andrews is one of the most documented towns in the 19th century, thanks to pioneers like Robert Adamson and Sir David Brewster. Just like it is for us today and it had been for Adamson and Brewster, St Andrews had been a huge source of inspiration for the founding members of the Magazine. Under the editorship of Hope Brimelow in 2010, Stereoscope became a platform on which this creative energy was channelled into.

What have other themes been and how are they chosen?

We have two themes a year, one for a ‘mini-issue’ in the first semester and one for the main issue, which comes out in second semester. Choosing the theme is always the most difficult part and amalgamates from a discussion of ideas from all the committee members. The themes in the mini and big issues sometimes lead on from one another; two years ago the mini issue was noise and the big issue was volumes. Each year, the process of coming up with new themes is a completely new and interesting journey resulting in the germination of an idea into a consolidated theme.


Why synthetic? Does it have to do with any issues or themes that have been happening in our present lives? How does it connect to our St. Andrews world, and wider?

In the past, the themes of Stereoscope have provoked a response of submissions that have been more spontaneous and organic. We hoped that through ‘synthetic’ we could generate a stream of submissions that explore the man-made, and showcase more posed and contrived pictures, for we are also aware that the visuals that flood social media and publications today are primarily staged or manipulated. St. Andrews is a town that is so consumed by nature that we decided ‘synthetic’ would form an interesting contrast to our previous aesthetic.

What is the vision of Stereoscope?

Our  vision is to celebrate St. Andrews’ richness of photographic and literary material from both past and present. In showcasing student submissions and the University of St Andrews’s  special collections in bookstores across the globe, we place St. Andrews within the wider photographic realm.


Submissions close on November 1st. Visit their facebook event for more information. If you are even more curious, they are hosting a Get To Know at Brew Co. on October 26th, so be sure to stop by.


Samantha Emily Evans