Natasha Franks reviews Africa Through Your Eyes, a collaboration between SAASUM, ST.ART Magazine, and Fine Wine & Cheese Society held Tuesday 27 October at the Adamson Bar. 


This Tuesday, the Adamson bar played host to the union of three separate organisations, each seeking to aid in the display of the evening’s centrepiece: a photography exhibition. Held in support of the Kula Project, the Foundation Project, and Lam & Co, Africa Through Your Eyes surrounded us, with student photographs from Rwanda, Ethiopia, and many other countries arranged on all four walls. This organization allowed guests to rotate throughout the venue, taking in fresh images at every turn.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 14.30.34

Fine Wine & Cheese Society lived up to their name with offers of cheese (provided by the Continental Pantry) and wine (provided by the Adamson). Guests were given unlimited quantities of delicious cheese and crackers, though disappointingly only a single glass of wine –a marked departure from W&C’s usual protocol of endless top-ups. The ability to order cocktails at the bar, however, more than made up for the lack of free red and white.

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Ultimately, the evening belonged to SAASUM and ST.ART. With an Afrobeat DJ and well-designed exhibition layout, the event had the air of an elegant drinks reception. Committee members circulated the room, answering questions and providing context to the stunning array of images, accumulated by ST.ART throughout this past summer. More than worth the £10 (and later, the discounted £7) price tag, Africa Through Your Eyes was a pleasant change from the usual rogue Tuesday evenings about town, and made for an excellent start to the night.



Natasha Franks 



Photos by Emma Rebein.