Natasha Franks reviews the Don’t Walk Launch Party, held Thursday 8 October at Forgans. 

Having hosted several events since Fresher’s Week, the DONT WALK committee know how to draw a crowd. For their official launch, Forgan’s was selected for an invite-only dinner and afterparty.

Beyond a cover photo change, DONT WALK declined to advertise for the event at all, instead relying on word of mouth, as white and black wristbands appeared on the wrists of a select few pre-event. Seemingly operating under the assumption that less is more, the committee generated impressive hype for such a small, secretive event.


Armed with a press pass (valid only for the afterparty), I arrived at Forgans to find the night in full swing. With tables pushed aside to make room for a dance floor, a series of DJs (Asquire, Dan Garner & Stu Hindmarch) took the helm throughout the night. In the corner stood a gin bar courtesy of Eden Mill, and next to that, the restaurant offered its usual bar. A screen high above us flashed images of the DONT WALK models and their branded name. The entire building was buzzing, an electric conglomeration of sights and sounds, of flashing lights and thudding speakers, establishing a constant sense of breathless anticipation. In other words: It was accomplishing the exact goal of a launch event –and I had barely been inside for five minutes. 

Thankfully, the committee had not overbooked the venue. There were perhaps 150 guests at the dinner, with an additional 30 or so arriving for the afterparty. This ensured a healthy circulation of people in the large room, though not to the extent that we found ourselves trapped in a constant mosh pit. Much like the DONT WALK fashion show itself, the evening felt intimate, but not overcrowded. The brand’s stock has been rising steadily over the years, making their continued dedication to exclusivity admirable. 


All things said and done, the official DONT WALK Launch was the first DONT WALK event this year that truly lived up to its name. Renting out a club is all very good, but “Yeezy Season” had nothing to differentiate itself from any other night at the Vic. For the launch dinner, the committee ensured that from the menus to the music, everything said DONT WALK.  Although it’s an entire semester away, the DONT WALK charity fashion show can’t come soon enough.

Natasha Franks

All photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative.