Nicola Simonetti, our Culture Editor, previews Antic Disposition, a one-act play happening at the Barron Theatre October 8th and 9th at 7:30pm by interviewing Catriona Scott, the playwright.


You do not have to be Shakespeare to write a good play, but what about using Shakespeare in your play? Catriona Scott (her name may ring a bell because of her outstanding performance in Saunders’s adaptation of T. S. Eliot’s Sweeney Agonistes) did not think twice. As her academic experience has have taught her —she is a fourth year English and Medieval student— sometimes you can repurpose someone else’s ideas for an out-of-the-box idea. Here’s how she came up with her latest play.


by Izzy Hoskins

Antic Disposition, her brand-new play with a cryptic name, is a comedy based on both Shakespearean ideas and revolutionary concepts from the twentieth century drama. Bringing together some of the most popular characters of all time, Antic Disposition explores their reaction to the twentieth century’s psychoanalysis. Characters like Macbeth, Puck, Richard III, Juliet and Hamlet will be gathered in the office of an incompetent psychiatrist, and who can guess the consequences? Having already written and produced a number of plays primarily two-act plays with ‘lots of dark, anxiety and horror’, Antic Disposition is Catriona Scott’s first one-act comedy. Having started by writing for the St Andrews New Drama Festival, she is now considering a master in playwriting, as well as Joint Honours student. Antic Disposition —which is not antic at all— is a promising play and a good showcase of her potential. The comedy, of similar length to Sweeney Agonistes, will take place at the Barron Theatre on October 8th-9th at 7.30pm. Tickets (£5 each) can be either bought on the door or reserved by emailing

Antic Disposition is the result of four weeks of intense work after a chill chat with a friend. ‘We made a joke and I thought immediately about writing a play on it’ Catriona says. ‘St Andrews inspires me to write. I have always performed as an actress, but I quite like this new role of mine.’ The project warranted quite a bit of help from friends and family. ‘My dad has been giving me feedback all the way during my writing process’ she continues, ‘he even made me cut some of my funny quotes saying that no one would get them’.


By Izzy Hoskins

Antic Disposition features some well-know faces in the St Andrews Mermaids group, including Will Costello, Felicity Guite, and Tobias Parker (you can find the names of the cast members here). The cast, originally seven people playing double roles, has been expanded to ten members in virtue of the enthusiasm and the skill of the students auditioning. ‘The cast is really talented’ Catriona affirms, thanking her team for all the work done (hats off to Izzy Hoskins’s illustrations and promotional posters).

Currently working on her fifth play (the last of a trilogy), Scott is very thrilled about the comedy going on this week, and so are we. The unique comedy makes for a daring and fresh play, catered towards theatre geeks and English students alike (quite familiar with Shakespeare after their second year). Frankly, who does not like a good laugh?

As Shakespeare once said: ‘See you there!’.

When: October 8th and 9th at 7:30pm
Where: The Barron Theatre
Tickets:£5; reserve at


Nicola Simonetti