Shanda Kopp, our On The Road Editor, interviews the coordinator of this year’s History Society trip Lilia Fetini to learn more about what to expect — and why even non-historians should apply. 


What does the trip cost, and what will that cover?

The trip costs 300 GBP including travel to and from Seville, around Spain, entry to all museums and historical sites and accommodation.

Why has the History Society chosen Sevilla? What particular part of the city holds the most historical fascination?

Seville is a perfect location for this year’s trip because of its rich history. It has been incredibly relevant in all periods of history; serving as a key town fought for by the great Mediterranean civilizations of the ancient period, an intact battleground of the conflict between Islam and Christianity during the medieval period, one of the main ports to the New World in the modern era and the birthplace of one the greatest painters of the Counter-Reformation, Velazquez.

What kinds of events has the society arranged for those who go on the trip?

It is going be a very busy week! We will devote two days to exploring Seville and its sights (including the Cathedral, the Real Alcazar, the Iglesia del Salvador, Archvo de Las Indias, Torre del Oro, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Plaza de Espanya, Museo de Bellas Artes, Archaeological Museum, among other things) and day trips to Granada and Cordoba. We are also hoping to spend an afternoon in Madrid on our way back.

This trip may seem slightly intimidating to those students who aren’t part of the Faculty of History, what makes it an ideal trip for someone doing a different degree?

I can’t stress enough how welcome all students are to apply for the trip – no priority will be given to students studying History. It’s a great opportunity for students to explore this unique part of the world, which is so different from the rest of Spain. In a period of turbulence within the Arab World, Andalucia allows students to see the grandeur of the Arab Golden Age, which is very important in the context of the turmoil that the Middle East now finds itself in.

History, whether one chooses to dedicate their studies to or not, is essential to our understanding of self and our identity as citizens of the world. This trip is hoping to expose students to a history and heritage that is entirely different to their own (especially that of the UK and the US) and hopefully broaden their understanding of how varied a civilization’s growth and journey is to their own.


The trip will take place during the first week of Spring Break, from the 12th to 18th of March 2016.

The trip is open to all matriculated students regardless of area of study.
In order to get a place on the trip you will need to send in an application to the History Society ( explaining your interest in the trip in 200 words or more. Applications will open on the 16th of October and close on the 25th of October at 5pm.

Find out more at the facebook page.


Shanda Kopp