Samantha Emily Evans, our Editor-in-Chief, shares ten free things to do in St. Andrews. 

With all the balls coming up in November – 602, Christmas Ball, Welly Ball, Movember Ball, Adrenaline Ball, Masquerade Ball, and more – it can be easy to forget all of the free fun in St Andrews. I swear. Believe it or not, but there are ways to have fun that don’t cost £35 a ticket, queuing at 4am, or an exclusive invitation.


1. Collect free magazines and ads from around St. Andrews, and collage them in your bedroom.

One year I created a table from trash I found in St. Andrews, it was shown at the On the Rocks Art Exhibition 2013. I made it from Taste coffee cups, a Dervish pizza box, and The Saint newspaper for paper mache.


2. Invite someone you haven’t talked to for a while for tea.

While tea bags cost about 10p a bag, there are ways in St. Andrews to find free ones. Or, use plants around St. Andrews. While the blackberries are gone now, that would have been free.

3. Go for a walk on the coastal path.

It is beautiful, and thankfully for now, nature is free!

4. Visit the Castle.

While a gown is quite expensive, most of your friends will let you borrow theirs. Don’t be afraid to ask. The Castle is enchanting, especially in the mist.

5. Pretend to be a member of a society, and go along to a random event.

Let’s be honest, most times they don’t check. And if you are stubborn enough, no one will say no to you coming along.

6. Visit MUSA.

The Museum of the University of St. Andrews is a great museum. It has a fantastic permanent exhibition on the history of St. Andrews, as well as temporary exhibitions. Currently, Recording Britain – Life and Landscape During World War II  is on until 6th Dec 2015

7. Visit that other museum near the bowling pitch on the way to New Hall and DRA. 

Okay, it’s the St. Andrews Museum. Housed in an old Victorian Mansion, the St. Andrews A – Z Exhibition explores the town’s fascinating past as a centre of Scottish and global culture from the 12th century to modern day.

Samantha Emily Evans

Samantha Emily Evans

8. Visit the Bell Pettigrew Natural History Museum.

 It is lovely and creepy at the same time. During my visit for Modern History, we observed how the animals were stuffed. Check out the warthog- you can see where they shot it!

9. Show up to events before 11pm.

Get in for free. But do not drink. People watch.

10. The Union and the Byre.

Since they are owned by the University- you’ve already paid to be there, so sit in there and spend as much time as you can. You’ve already pre-paid for that party. And there is Jazz on Thursdays, and Music Is Love open mic on Wednesdays in the Byre! And Music is Love live sessions in Rector’s on certain days.

And 11. Masturbate in your room. (We had to mention it)

Use free porn sites, or my favorite – Or, what I like to do, write my own erotica as I masterbate. Then it really is productive procrastination.



Samantha Emily Evans