Sydney Luca-Lion, our Art & Photography editor, suggests for us six ways to spend our time without feeling too guilty about procrastination.

Is week 10 breaking you? Yeah, me too. It is that time in the semester when everyone is spending long hours in the library or holed up in their rooms. Free time seems to be almost as rare as sunlight. But, you cannot spend ALL your time studying. Breaks are necessary. Here are some suggestions for giving your brain a little rest and letting your creativity reign.

Note: You do not have to have any artistic talent to do any of these! Let the judgement go and grab some sort of writing implement.



For the bold: Sketch your library crush. You probably spend too much time secretly gazing at them anyway so this provides the perfect opportunity to look at their face in close detail. They may be uncomfortable to find you studying their face but they could also be majorly flattered. Bonus- if you are feeling extra daring you can give them the portrait as a (possibly extremely creepy but maybe sweet) gift.

For the vain: Draw your own face. Whether you use a mirror (this is more challenging) or a nice photograph, a self-portrait provides ample time to admire yourself in all you beauty. Also, you are less likely to be offended at yourself when the picture ends up looking like a deformed troll than a human being.

For the sentimental: Draw a member of your family, pet, or best friend from back home. You will probably need a photo but it gives you a nice chance to feel love and reminisce on the good old days when your essays only had to be a page long and your pet was the only one you wanted to snuggle with.



Coffee Cup Doodles

So the internet has kindly informed me that Starbucks has plain red Holiday cups this year and apparently this is a terrible thing for some people? I do not know, I do not care. Anyway, the lack of printed snowflakes means you can design your own cups! Whether you want to draw snowmen, Jesus on the cross, or cheeky devils, you have a blank canvas to fill.


Paper Snowflakes

Do you have essays you would like to chop up? Do you have scissors? Fold your piece of paper in half and then in half again a few times. Take your scissors and cut a few fun shapes in the paper and then unfold. Voilá, you will have art. Small children can do this so I am sure you can manage too.


?Snowflakes, like people, are all differ by katerha, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  katerha 


Close-Up Photos

We all have smart phones with pretty decent cameras and I am going to encourage you to use them for something other than drunk selfies. Go outside, stay inside, but take really close-up photos of whatever inspires you. Personally, I love flowers, plants, rocks, and friends’ faces. This is a great way to look at something from a different perspective.


Body/Face Paint

Do you have leftover face paint from Halloween that is just going to waste in some corner of your room? You can either draw or paint on yourself or see if you can convince a flatmate to be your canvas (if they happen to be napping, well, who does not want to wake up to find some art on their body?)


Embrace the Abstract

If you have any colored pencils or paint, get a piece of paper and let the color take over. Pretend you are a toddler who has zero capabilities of drawing inside the lines and just scribble to your heart’s content. Let the colours and shapes represent your soul…


Happy creating/trying to regain some semblance of sanity.



Sydney Luca-Lion