Jolie Loan previews upcoming StAnza 2016, telling us about its revealed headline names.

Get Ready to Connect with the Rest of the World Through Poetry!

What: Scotland’s annual poetry festival with an international approach. StAnza 2016’s poetry celebrates two themes including Body of Poetry, which focuses on the human body and its characteristics such as appetites and weakness, and City Lines, which embraces city life and Scotland’s architecture as Scotland’s Year of Innovation. Specifically, the second theme aims to connect St Andrews with different cities worldwide (hint: there will be an emphasis on the language of German).

Who: Over 60 poets alongside many musicians, visual artists and film makers will be joining StAnza 2016 with a common destination: to color the historic town of St Andrews with poetry, music, and art. Some of the biggest names include the Scottish poet Don Paterson, twice winner of the T.S. Eliot prize, the English Poet Jo Bell, winner of the Causally and Cathedral Prize, the first poet to write for the London Olympics Lemn Sissay. StAnza 2016 also looks forward to welcoming Nora Gomringer from Germany, Aase Berg from Sweeden, Sarah Holland-Batt from Australia and Jane Yolen and Thomas Lynch from the USA.

Where: St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. List of venues include: The Byre Theater, Studio Theater, Conference Room and foyers, St John’s Undercroft, Parliament Hall, St Mary’s Hall, The Town Hall, The Public Library, The Preservation Trust Museum, The Green Room, Zest, Fraser Gallery and more!

When: 2-6 March, 2016.

How: Tickets are on sale now. Check out the program at

From StAnza Festival Director Eleanor Livingstone: “We’re delighted to have so many big names from the literary world already confirmed for our 19th StAnza Festival next year. It’s always exciting bringing together such a diverse mix of well known talent with new, up and coming poets to create a programme which is fresh and vibrant.”


Jolie Loan


Featured image courtesy of StAnza Poetry Festival