Rachel Abreu, our Music editor, previews the A Cappella Society Christmas Concert coming up this Sunday, November 22nd. 


It is beginning to feel (look) a lot like Christmas, and what better way to harness all this Christmas-y energy than to listen to live music from not one, not two, but ALL of the A Cappella groups in St Andrews? I sat down with A Cappella Society President Joanna Burns to find out more about the upcoming A Cappella Society Christmas Concert – an event guaranteed to bring out the festive spirit.

How does a cappella bring out the Christmas Spirit?

Joanna: I think singing is a big part of the Christmas spirit with lots of traditional carols, and, as a cappella at the university is so big, it will be a really good event to bring lots of different people together. Music events at the university are really popular but I think a cappella brings in a more varied demographic as the performers are all students. Lots and lots of students come out to support their friends so that is really unique. [Plus] being and celebrating together is definitely a big part of Christmas.

What are some standout tracks in your sets that you want the audience to look out for?

 Joanna: This year for the first time, we [The Accidentals] are singing two Christmas songs out of the three in our set. I have arranged one of my favourite songs ever by Joni Mitchell, which people might not think of as a typical Christmas song but it is really beautiful, and our soloist, Tiffany Black, will definitely make you cry and rejoice at the same time.

What are your aims for the concert, and why should everyone go and buy a ticket?

 Joanna: As well as showing off all the university groups, the concert is just a celebration of Christmas before exams hit. It is a chance for all the groups to perform on the same night.  The groups all work really really hard for big concerts like this, especially with the potential to be performing in front of 800 people in Younger Hall! We are lucky to have so many talented groups at the university and it is a great chance to see them all perform. For many of them, this is their first big concert with the new members who joined in September. The committee are definitely going all out in terms of decorations as well so people will definitely be feeling all Christmas-y after even though it is still a little while until Christmas Day.


Being an event that has sold out in the past, the A Cappella Society Christmas Concert is looking to be a show that will certainly meet (or even surpass) your expectations of a festive, music-filled evening. If you have not already gotten your hands on a ticket, do not fret – arrive at 6:30pm on the night to purchase tickets at the door. Do not miss out!



Rachel Abreu