Josh Hauser previews 602, held Friday 27 November at Lower College Lawn. 

In America they have the Ivy League. In the United Kingdom we have the Ancients: seven schools each independently older than America itself. Our very own St Andrews, founded in 1413, was the first university to be founded in the Kingdom of Scotland. This Friday, November 27, The Fellowship of St Andrews cordially invites you to celebrate her six hundred and third year in continuous operation.

On this most auspicious night, paying homage to our beloved St Andrews will of course take centre stage, but The Fellowship will not fail to ensure the comfort of its guests. After all: it is us, the students, who have established the image of St Andrews and are responsible for all that it has and will become. Whether you prefer red trousers and golf or Netflix and T-shirts, there are two things we can all rally around: free cake and free alcohol.

That’s correct. Along with copious amounts of cake, there will be ONE THOUSAND free gin and tonics. A special bar sponsored by St Andrews’ very own Eden Mill will be providing the gin. I cannot imagine a more perfect match made in heaven than Scotland’s very first university and Scotland’s very first craft brewery (established in 1810). With the help of Eden Mill, 602 will without a doubt be its own paradise.

The entire night revolves around St Andrews and its students, so it makes sense that all the performances will be student groups. If the food and drink wasn’t enough to get you moving, perhaps the performance of the St Andrews Blues Society will. They’ll be playing all the right songs to ensure the blues are the only thing in absence on the dance floor. Following them, a string of DJs including Joe Grimeh, Kalliope, and finally DON’T WALK’s very own Dan and Stu will end the night. This will certainly be the intoxicating evening our St Andrews so rightfully deserves on its 602nd birthday.

All proceeds will be given to CLASS GIFT, a local organisation that awards grants to deserving students so that they may experience all the opportunity and beauty St Andrews has to offer.

The 602 Ball will be held at Lower College Lawn on November 27 beginning at 8p.m.- so let us make this a night to remember, for everyone lucky enough to be there.

Josh Hauser