Natasha Franks previews Harvest Throwback, held Thursday 16 November at the Vic.

As the semester winds to a close, we find ourselves inundated with deadlines and the early stages of revision. Gradually, the town has grown quiet, to the point where Ma Bells closes at twelve and the doors to Club 601 remain shut more often than not.

The Vic, however, continues to shine as a beacon to all hopeful clubbers, resiliently offering its bar and dancefloor to those who wish to find solace in groovy tunes of past decades. This Thursday, Asquire will host a throwback night at the Vic, but it is different than his prior events: rather than paying the usual £3, guests will have the option of paying their entry fee with food.

Approached about two months ago by Stephanos Kontos, a manager at the Vic, DJ Ashton Squires set about researching food banks. Storehouse was selected based on its proximity to St Andrews and on its past experiences with local students, such as Students For Independence, making it the prime choice of recipient.

Established in 2006, Storehouse operates by giving out personal bags of food and toiletries to people or families in need, be they recently unemployed or victims of domestic violence or otherwise in the midst of a difficult time. Even if guests choose to pay the £3 entry fee, one hundred percent of the night’s proceeds will go to Storehouse.

It is worth noting: donating food in lieu of making the traditional payment could be the more fiscally responsible decision on the part of attendees. Acceptable offerings range from parcels of pasta to cans of beans (both available for under 50p), though a trip to Tesco may not even be necessary after a look through your kitchen cupboard. 

Take the opportunity for one final Thursday night out before revision, and head on down to the Vic for a good cause and the songs of your youth.

Natasha Franks