Natasha Franks previews Unwind, Rewind, held Thursday 26 November at the Lizard. 

Admittedly, the week is rather crowded. Deadlines, 602, Christmas Ball, Sinners, and an endless amount of Christmas dinners have monopolised our nights. This Thursday, however, one would do to make the time to journey over to the Lizard.

Next week, we can fight for a seat in the library. Consider these incoming few days the opportunity to make a final push before exams. 90s music, costumes, song requests, and outrageous dancing: All for charity.

Childreach International works with children around the world. They seek to restore children’s rights, to improve their quality of life, and to improve access to health, education, and safety. The St Andrews branch of Childreach International has organised Thursday’s throwback event with the hope of raising money for these children in need. 

Entry will be £3 between 11 and 12, £4 from 12 onwards.

Natasha Franks