Samantha Emily Evans reviews Concrete Catwalk’s Dress to Impress, the celebration of their first year, that took place at the Adamson on November 17, 2015.

Sophisticated, hip, and relaxed, Concrete Catwalk’s Dress to Impress was a success. Upon arrival, my photo was snapped, as the committee worked to live up to their dress code and event name. There was an elderly man in tails who opened the door for us; our coats were taken, and the complimentary cocktail or glass of wine dreamily dropped in our hand. I had the specialty cocktail, ‘The Concrete Carouse’, which was terrifically pink, sweet, and satisfying.  The Adamson was comfortably busy, decorated with photos of Concrete Catwalk’s street models on drying lines, fairy lights, and Propercorn scattered on the tables.


As I milled about, I couldn’t help looking at what everyone was wearing. I mean, it was a fashion show party. The style in the Adamson that night was on point, and it was quite fun spotting the winter fashion trends. Knee-high black boots, velvet black heels, and low black boots with thick heels are really in. There was more variety with dresses, lots of darker colours and sequins. Everyone looked glamorous. The men in particular, they were beautiful. They had this aura about them, like they knew they were beautiful, too.


Suddenly, drink orders stopped and the bar was cleared. We gathered around, as the lights dimmed and a remix of ‘Run the World’ by Beyonce blasted from the speakers. The models walked one by one along the bar. For this runway, the female models chose their own clothing. They were primarily in short, cute cocktail dresses. The male models wore tweed jackets and beige chinos, with no shirt underneath. Even DoES Chris MacRae was topless. All of the models were barefoot – for safety or the newest style trend? I hope the latter.


The models walked confidently in their simple, yet stunning, outfits, and the atmosphere was warm and encouraging, as people cheered. At the end, all of the models lined up at the bar, posed, and showed why Concrete Catwalk is the ‘fun’ fashion show. The men then took their jackets off! I admit – I did wolf whistle a few times. It was beautiful, and the closest thing to a ‘Ladies Night’ in St. Andrews. I was overjoyed. Why isn’t there a Ladies Night in St. Andrews? Especially, with our growing girl-boy ratio…



But back to the review – Dress to Impress was a fun evening with a lively atmosphere, and a great celebration of Concrete Catwalk’s first year. As there was no Facebook event for the night, one had to privately message the Concrete Catwalk Facebook Page, the people in attendance were genuinely interested in Concrete Catwalk and their vision of fashion – capturing the eclectic street style of St. Andrews. I was surprised by the welcoming atmosphere, and I am excited to see how they keep this warm and inclusive atmosphere going.



Samantha Emily Evans



All images by Kristen Tsubota