Natasha Franks reviews Go-Funk Yourself, held Thursday 12 November at The Rule. 

Serving as a reprieve from deadlines and interchangeable nights out, Go-Funk Yourself was a tremendous success in its uniqueness. Descending upon The Rule in elaborate costume, attendees received funky accessories and Rule cards courtesy of the event organisers. Between the complimentary 80s merchandise and discounted drinks, party-goers had all the supplies necessary for a memorable evening.12236659_10204772473382345_1035694787_o

The venue itself was the greatest surprise. Although The Rule is a fine location for pub quizzes or society socials, it has never been used for clubbing. Last night, however, revealed its untapped potential. The array of booths provided ample space for seating (a valued commodity towards the end of the evening) and the large back area allowed tired guests to cool off before they returned to the dancefloor. Specially imported for Go-Funk Yourself, this smooth white floor was a standout amongst the many 80s-inspired decorations scattered throughout the room.

Another key to the event’s success was the music. DJs Sam Dodd-noble, Fred Henderson and Matt Seddon treated us to a range of songs from the late 70s to 80s, all backed by a very danceable beat. While your typical “night out” songs rarely disappoint (everyone loves Kygo), the Bee Gees and Wild Cherry were welcome changes to the standard lineup.

Ultimately, Go-Funk Yourself proved to be a breath of fresh air: A novel venue, underplayed songs, and elaborate dress all contributed to a night of random, shameless fun. Sponsored by Fixr and Bumble, Go-Funk Yourself can easily be deemed a highlight of first semester. Hopefully, we can expect a sequel come semester two.




Natasha Franks 



Photos by Duncan Harle