Harry Gunning kindly shares some of his beautiful wildlife photos and tells a bit about his experience and love for birds.


Where were these photos taken?
Harry: These photos were taken in a few locations, the ones of geese and ducks were taken around my home in Scarborough, near a lake which was full of ducks, geese and swans this spring and summer. The penguin photos were taken at Scarborough Sea Life Centre where I worked, and at London zoo which I visited this year. The gannet picture was taken on a trip with the St Andrews Wildlife Society to the Isle of May this year.
How did you get so close to the birds?
Harry: I was able to get so close due to having a lot of experience around these animals. I am not afraid to get too close to a swan or a penguin even though the prospect of a peck is very daunting and a very real danger. I am fairly tall (6′ 5″) so getting close is not always that easy but with the correct precision and care I can just about get close enough without scaring the subject away.
What inspires you about birds in particular?
Harry: Birds have always been an interest of mine mainly because I have been surrounded by them where I grew up and where I worked. Growing up by the coastline of Britain allowed me to get up close and personal with many birds including gannets, seagulls of many varieties, and, my favourite, the heron. Herons have been challenging for me to get a good photo of but with some more practice I hope to get a great shot that I am happy with. In the future I aim to continue to take photos and maybe one day become a videographer for the BBC and take videos of animals across the globe.



Sydney Luca-Lion