Viktoria Szanto, our Style DIY columnist, outlines 5 easy steps to creating a DIY bow clip. 

With ball season officially upon us, the eternal question arises: what should I wear? Instead of lamenting over having “nothing to wear”, create this bow for a fun new accessory. After creating this craft, you can then use it as a hairclip, shoe clip –or even an upgrade to an old dress. You can use any material, any colour or pattern- I chose a classic blue velvet.

Step 1

Start with a rectangular shape. The dimensions depend of course on how big you want the bow to be, I started off with an about 7cmx 12cm material. Cut a small, roughly 1 cm thick piece off and leave it aside (don’t throw it out!).


Step 2

Fold both ends in- just a few centimetres- and sew it there. You can use any sort of stitching, as long as it stays there you are fine.


Step 3

Gather it in the middle like so. Tie it around a few times with the thread.



Step 4.

Get your little piece (the one we cut off in step 1) and roll it around. Mine was too long, so I cut some of it.

Step 5. 

Sew it there.


You can glue/ stitch it to a hair clip, or buy a shoe clip like I did (I got mine from the hardware store on South street) and adjust the bow to it.





Viktoria Szanto 



All images: Viktoria Szanto