Shanda Kopp, our On The Road editor, gives her top tips on how to stay fit while travelling. 


Are you a cardio bunny or a gym junkie? Hate travelling because you can’t get your sweat fix? Can’t stand the unhealthy options on the menus? Don’t fret, The Tribe has your back. Through following these tips, you can get the most out of your trip without sacrificing healthy meals and workouts.

1. Walk Everywhere

Welcome again to my number one tip for absolutely EVERYTHING to do with travelling! As always, it may seem redundant, but walking not only exposes you to all corners of your destination, but it also keeps you fit. If you don’t want to work out too hard, but you want to keep your calorie intake down, use this. If you don’t care, well, that’s why Paris has a Metro.

2. Hotels, Hotels

If you’re one who frequents hotels rather than hostels, you’re among the lucky. Not only do you (probably) have space in your room, but many hotels have a small gym that guests can use. Google the hotel to find out what it has beforehand. If yours has a fitness suite, plan a workout that you can do with basic equipment (think a treadmill and some dumbbells). If the hotel has no gym, think small –use your hotel room. Body weight exercises are effective too, and will keep your heart rate up.

3. Drinking Rules!

Unfortunately, not the fun ones. One of my favourite travel bloggers once said: “Stick to the rule of four.” Something like that. I say, let’s go for five (we are students after all). Especially if it’s a short trip, you can afford to have five “cheats” per day – by that I mean no more than five drinks, sweets, or other indulgences. No, not five of each, just five. It’s a pain in the butt, but it’ll keep that pained butt the same size.

4. Be the Running Man

Many cities, such as Valencia, have large green spaces with pedestrian tracks. These are perfect for  morning or evening runs, and are a great way to add cardio to hotel room exercises. If you’re a hostel-goer, you can also use green spaces along the way for strength training. Some places (think Baleal, Portugal or, say, here) even have the added bonus of outdoor workout equipment.

5. Eat Local

It helps the carbon footprint! But really, it’ll keep your footprint light as well, since local delicacies tend to be on the healthier side. The problem only arises when you start to deviate back to greasy familiar food. Yes, there’s a McDonalds on the corner, but you can only get real tacos al pastor in Mexico! Okay, so that wasn’t the best example of non-greasy food, but a well made picadillo on tostadas really hits the spot without expanding your waistline.

6. Get Up, Get on Up

While this may allude to getting up early, that’s not what I mean. A lot of towns have free or by-donation exercise classes or meet-ups for runners, and you can find yoga in the park no matter where you go. Take advantage of what the city has to offer, ask at sports stores or just peruse the local Facebook pages, there is always something to be found and you’ll probably even make workout buddy friends.


I’m kidding, those things look like a little slice of hell. Unless that floats your boat – in that case, respect.


All in all, there are definitely ways to stay fit while travelling. What does that mean? Enough excuses, get your workout on, rise and grind, all those exercise-type sayings! Oh, and have fun, because that’s what travelling (and being healthy?) is all about!



Shanda Kopp



Featured Image: Shanda Kopp