Silvia Buss shares with us some pictures from her family home in Italy. I talked to Silvia a bit to learn about her inspiration and what she wants to express to viewers.


Where were these photos taken and how is that place special to you?

The photos were taken at my grandmother’s house in Tuscany, in a small town by the sea. I have never actually lived in the house, but it is where I always spend my holidays. For this reason it is special – it represents a pause from everyday life and it is the place where I am reunited with my family. Though the house was designed, built and decorated 30 years ago it has a very timeless quality. Every painting, every piece of furniture is still in the same position it was first placed in, and yet it does not get boring. I never tire of spending time there, and discover new aspects every day. Growing up there, I notice different details of décor. In taking the photos I am trying to understand how a place can be unaffected by time, how it can remain so fascinating.

 What were you trying to capture in the photos?

I want to note that the photos were not taken at the same time, and most importantly not in the same season. As the seasons change, the house has a different atmosphere and gives me different feelings and inspires me to explore varying aspects of the house. Summer tends to be about the garden.When I take pictures I want to pause summer, I want to be able to remember every smell, sound and person. Summer pictures can be very nostalgic but also very real for me. Christmas pictures, are all inside, and I try to capture the feeling of family, of being reunited, the heat of the fireplace, the food, the magic in the air. Autumn and spring are more in-between times, and everything has a different light, more dark and intriguing. These times are the best to play with light and shadow, to walk around the house and try to find different perspectives.

This place is more home – not the only one, but one of the most important. I feel safe there, I feel that there is always someone looking after me.




Silvia Buss