Jo Boon shares her ten romance top tips for moving into 2016.

So who will you be kissing at midnight? Has 2015 been your lucky year of love? If you’re not ending this year in the relationship you want to be in then here are my top ten tips for going forward into 2016.

1. Go for it on New Year’s Eve

Have you been harbouring a secret crush this year? New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to tell them! If they say no then that was 2015’s mistake and can be quickly left behind but if they say yes, 2016 just got a whole lot brighter. Remember to check consent before making any serious advances but don’t be shy about going after what you want. Remember, everyone likes to be told they are admired. The worst they can do is say no and they will still be super flattered and, if they have any sense,  impressed that you had the bravery to go for it. Good luck!

2.  It’s ok to be single

Maybe you are happy by yourself and are a little tired of the romantic hype that comes around Christmas and New Year’s. Totally fair! If you’re anything like me you’ve felt the pressure of all the couples and happy families but know deep down that you want to stay single a little while longer. Don’t get pressured into the wrong relationship because it’s harder than normal to be single this time of year.

3. Better to be single than in the wrong relationship

As hard as it might be, 2016 is a time for fresh starts and if you’re in the wrong relationship then maybe it’s time to address that. I wouldn’t suggest breaking up with anyone on New Year’s but it’s a good time for self-reflection and to start asking yourself the tough questions. If this isn’t really what you want then best to start the New Year single.


4. Always be yourself

There’s honestly no point changing yourself for a relationship. It isn’t sustainable, will definitely not make you happy and will almost certainly not be a lasting relationship. It’s so much better to stay single a little while longer, stay true to yourself and wait for the right person. When you find them, they will love you for exactly who you are which makes it totally worth it.

5. Have confidence!

You were born unique and you only get one shot; the advice couldn’t be more clichéd but go for it. Don’t hold back in 2016.



6. Forget the exes

If they are exes they’re exes for a reason, so let them go and move on with your life. Feel like you’re to blame? Make your apologies, make peace with yourself and make sure you don’t mess up again. Been hurt by someone else? Well thank goodness they’re your ex and not your problem anymore.

7. Learn from the past

2015 is behind us and something to be learned from, in terms of your love life and every other area. What did you do right? What did you do wrong? Who do you love? The past is never perfect but, don’t worry, there are plenty of new mistakes to be made so we might as well learn from the old ones. My advice: don’t date someone you’ve already split up with!

8. Don’t settle

Never settle for second best. If you want to be in a relationship then that’s totally fair but don’t be in one just for the sake of it. It’s not fair on the other person and won’t make you happy in the long run.

9. Take a risk

Be a little brave in the New Year: tell the person you like how you feel, try a new kind of relationship, fulfil some of your fantasies. A life lived in fear is a life half lived, so why not take this as an opportunity to try something new. New Year’s resolutions are seldom sustained in my experience so go for it from the very first day. Take a risk on January 1st 2016.



10. Learn to love yourself

The most important thing is to love yourself, whether you’re single or in a relationship. We’re all taught about our imperfections and shown our failings and, of course, we should try to improve. However, I think you need to make time to reflect on what’s great about yourself. No one I know has a completely positive relationship with themselves so I think that’s something we can all work on for 2016.



Jo Boon



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