Katherine Kelly Lynch reviews 602, held Friday 27 November on Lower College Lawn.

Happy 602nd birthday to St Andrews! For the third year in a row, The Fellowship of St Andrews took on the monumental task of hosting our university’s birthday party. On the Friday preceding St Andrews Day, Lower College Lawn lit up with a fabulous ball: 602.

The Fellowship of St Andrews is a town and gown relations society, so proceeds from 602 went to funding St Andrews Day celebrations throughout the town and to Class Gift, an organisation that helps provide bursaries for students who could not otherwise afford to attend this university.


Upon entrance, attendees were granted drink tokens for Eden Mill gin and tonics and led down a pathway lined with blue fairy lights. The dreamy opening led into a marquee lit with beautiful pinks, blues and oranges. This main tent also featured a central bar, a table covered in cakes provided by Cottage Kitchen, and a photo booth setup where people could take their own pictures with a large “602” to celebrate the event. (Some attendees even got a special gift at the end of the night by taking these pieces home.)

The bar, which notably had minimal queues, provided the typical shots and mixers along with a variety of cocktails. The bar staff working the event were prompt and efficient with drink orders and made it so patrons could grab their drinks, including their free G&T’s, and return to the dance floor without missing anything.


My only complaints about this ball would be the food—or lack thereof. While Cottage Kitchen did provide delicious cakes, they ran out rather quickly. The Buffalo Truck also provided various chicken, chips, and other drunken fare to people who wanted to purchase food. However, only two sponsors for food seems rather minimalist for a ball and should be expanded in future celebrations.

In the other half of the marquee, on the dance floor, fabulous music played throughout the night—mellow at the beginning of the night for those who wanted to socialise and then electric later in the night for those who just wanted to dance. The Bluesberries (formerly St Andrews Blues Society), Kalliope, Joe Grimeh, and Dan & Stu provided the music for the night.


A clearly located smoking zone, a well-organised coat room, and toilets that were surprisingly luxurious were provided for the comfort of the ball attendees—three aspects of an event that many other balls seem to forget, which in this case contributed to the enjoyment of the guests. One reveller, his pink and white askew from dancing, told The Tribe, “It’s fantastic. I love huge balls, and this one feels massive! I only wish it were bigger.”

Going into 602, I didn’t have many high hopes—tickets had not sold out and one of the many faults of recent balls has been attendance. A party is only good if there are enough people there to enjoy it. However, it should have sold out. Compared to other recent balls, this was one of the most enjoyable balls I have attended this year and I am definitely looking forward to what The Fellowship has in store for St Andrews next year.



Katherine Kelly Lynch



Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative, Oz Adari, and Sina Dashtebozorgy.