Jo Boon explores the best ways to ask someone out with her top ten feminist themed chat up lines.

In reality, you should ask any person out with the same respect and consideration, regardless of whether they identify as a feminist. However, there’s no harm in a little cheesey theming and all these are gender neutral because (obviously!) anyone can be a feminist. Here are some ideas if you’re feeling confident enough for a feminist themed chat up line:

fem mystique

1) Excuse me. Have you seen The Feminine Mystique? I’ve lost my copy.

2) I won’t go where you lead, but I’ll always be there when you call.

3) Would you like to come with me to a movie that passes the Bechdel test?

4) I promise never to propose and always to be there for you.

marry me

5) I want to be right there with you when you’re smashing the patriarchy.

6) I hope you’re part of the body positive revolution because you have a lot to be positive about, and none of it should come from my compliments.

7) Did it hurt when you shattered the glass ceiling?

8) May I treat you to lunch out and, if it goes well, I promise to always go halves from then on?


9) I promise that if we ever have children they will take both our names.

10) Some people promise to love, cherish and obey. I promise to love, communicate and consent.







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