Freya Coursey shares some of her beautiful wildlife photography, her inspiration and a few wonderful hints as to where we can see wildlife up close!

Where do you take your photos?
I take a majority of my photos around my home in Aberdeenshire. Going on walks with my camera in hand is a way for me to relax, and allows me to photograph any wildlife, plant or scenery that catches my eye. I find it harder to take photos in St Andrews as I don’t know the wildlife as well, but occasionally I’m lucky and manage to capture something special, like the heron at the harbour and the seal pup with Hamilton Hall in the background.
Last summer I volunteered on the uninhabited island of Mingulay in the Outer Hebrides to do work on seabirds. During my time there I captured the beach shot and puffin photograph (making friends with the puffins in the process!).
What inspires you to take nature photographs?
Living in the countryside has definitely been my biggest inspiration. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up alongside all this nature, and photography grew from my wish to share it with people and hopefully help them realise that it’s worth saving. Also, being a zoology student, the more I learn about animals the more I want to capture them on camera!
Where to find wildlife for ourselves!
There’s lots of wildlife in and around St Andrews if you want to see some for yourself. My favourite place to go is the Botanic Gardens and Lade Braes, where you’ll find lots of woodland birds, herons, ducks and maybe a kingfisher. Another great place to go is obviously the beach, but make sure you go at low tide. You’ll see lots of shore birds and if you’re very lucky you might find a seal (but don’t get too close to them, it’s probably a pup waiting for it’s mum). If you want to relive your childhood, rockpooling along the end of East Sands is great fun!
For those willing to go further afield, you’ll find red squirrels in Tentsmuir forest near Leuchars.
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Freya Coursey