Samantha Emily Evans has volunteered at On the Rocks since first year. From holding signs to assisting with Box Office, she enjoyed it immensely and encourages others to apply and volunteer!


What made you want to volunteer with OTR?

I wanted to volunteer with OTR because I love theatre and the arts. As a child I performed in musicals every summer, but one day I woke and realized that I couldn’t sing . I still loved theatre every bit as much, but I just didn’t want to be on the stage. On the Rocks was the perfect way for me to be involved in theatre in St. Andrews without getting on the stage or trying to understand the complex social politics of Mermaids.

How did you hear about OTR Volunteer opportunities?

I heard about volunteer opportunities at On the Rocks basically the way you are hearing about it now –  the internet.

What kind of things did volunteering with OTR entail for you?

I’m a box office gal. I love the box office. Unlike my degree in English and History, at the end of a box office shift, all of the numbers add up and you get to go home satisfied that you have completed your job perfectly.

What was your personal highlight of the festival?

My personal highlight of the festival was this one time when I had just finished class and was walking somewhere when a moment of sunshine fell upon the Hamish McHamish square where there just so happened to be an On the Rocks street performance. I stayed for a brief moment, enjoying the dance and the sunlight, before resuming the rest of my day. I love the spontaneity of On the Rocks, and how the performances flood out onto the streets.

What is a lasting memory of volunteering with OTR (Good, Bad, or a bit bizarre) that will stay with you?

I remember when the pop-up café on Bell Street in 2012 was the official box office of On the Rocks. I remember walking in and the whirl and activity of people in that small café. It made me so excited, so keen to get involved.

I love having plays and exciting performances to go to, or that poetry slam we had at Rascals. That was pretty funny; surprisingly a very poetic location.

Volunteer Applications for On the Rocks 2016 are open until February 16th. Visit their website for more information.



Samantha Emily Evans