Jo Boon reviews Catwalk and it’s place within RAG Week and the fashion culture of St Andrews. 

Catwalk was an absolute blast! This was my first fashion show in St Andrews ever and it surpassed my expectations. The best part for me was that everyone, especially the models, seemed to be having fun. There was no army of serious looking models strutting down the runway but a group of students celebrating fashion. I chatted to one of the models, Mabel Barclay, before the show about whether she had enjoyed the process of rehearsals. She admitted she had some reservations about what it would be like to work with the other models and the potentially snobbish atmosphere that might be fostered. However, she felt that everyone had shared her experience of being slightly scared at first and warming into the fun of working together to produce their performance.



No student run event I have been to has been completely perfect so, of course, there were some minor slip ups. There were small wardrobe malfunctions, some slight slips in heels and wrong turns taken on the runway but everything was dealt with with a smile and support from other models. Personally, I would rather see people having fun than a uniformly perfect show.

The theme was street style, something they stuck too well on the whole. However, I found that this meant the collection was slightly limited and not as artistically interesting as it might otherwise have been. The problem with the theme is that you could literally see most of these outfits on the street, especially when placed within St Andrews culture which is so high fashion anyway. You can only look at tracksuits, jeans and simple skirts for so long without the mind wondering. Having said this, there were pieces that broke up the event and I enjoyed the sleepwear, kilts, ball dresses and underwear sets in particular. If nothing else, it was seriously impressive how many pieces of clothing they had managed to put together and how quick and smooth the changes were.



Without a doubt the models are all absolutely stunning and should be celebrating their bodies but it annoyed me slightly that the same underwear was shown multiple times. Models wearing the same sets appeared three or four times which was boring; nothing was changing. They didn’t do this with other sets of clothes in the first set at least, so it seemed like the point was to look at the models bodies rather than what they were wearing. On the one hand: they are all gorgeous and if they feel confident doing that that’s awesome but it’s a fashion show: I was there for the clothes.

All the models should be congratulated for their confidence and professionalism, they made the event something special! I would have loved to see slightly more diversity on the runway but I think everyone who went had a good time and that should be celebrated. Whilst the models deserve credit for making the event so special, we mustn’t forget everyone backstage who worked on the event for months beforehand. The production of Catwalk was amazing and the fact people are doing this on top of their degrees is awesome, and what makes St Andrews so special.



The event was a great part of RAG week, raising money for charity, as well as using clothes from local charity shops to celebrate a range of styles. St Andrews students seem to love fashion shows so it fit in well with our fashion culture and was a great way to kick off the season.

A fun way to raise money for charity? I’m on board! Looking forward to Catwalk 2017.



Jo Boon



Images courtesy of Lightbox