Sydney Luca-Lion, our Arts & Photography editor, shares with us some amazing photos of her father’s hometown. 

My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn. You’d find this out within about 5 minutes of meeting him, if you were ever so lucky. It’s not only that he’s held on to his Brooklyn accent, but also that it’s a vital part of who he is as a person and therefore must be shared early on. Because of this I feel a certain connection to the city, far more than my own limited exposure might otherwise warrant. We were in NYC over Christmas and as we trailed behind my dad as he attempted to walk around the majority of the city, occasionally commenting on how this or that used to be an empty lot, or how you wouldn’t want to step foot in that neighbor, I took the opportunity to take all the photos I could. Perhaps because I’ve never lived in a city I found myself taking photos mostly of architecture, the towering sky scrapers and the twinkle of lights against the smog filled dark. New York City is beautiful, but not in the classical lines of many European cities. It can be hard around the edges, dirty and exhausting, and yet there is a beauty in the everlasting liveliness, the buildings that stretch up into the sky, the constant bustle of the main avenues, the quiet street-corners of Brooklyn and Harlem, the sometimes eerie subway stations. The city is alive with inspiration and I did my best to capture the beauty I found all around me.


Sydney Luca-Lion