Joanna Burns returns with this week’s music roundup, a mix of styles to show off the best releases of this week! 

Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit are my favourite band of all time and I have followed them like a disciple for years. Therefore, I was so excited to hear the first glimpse of their new album, Painting of a Panic Attack. “Death Dream” confirmed my love for the band and gives me huge hopes for their new album. It departs slightly from the more mainstream sounds of their last album and harks back to their older material. Beginning with Scott Hutchison’s beautiful falsetto, it builds yet also continues to lull the listener with the soporific rhythm and vocals. My favourite thing about Frightened Rabbit has always been their emotive lyrics and “Death Dream” is a stunning testament to this. While keeping their truly unique style, Frightened Rabbit manage to develop throughout each album and the 8th of April cannot come soon enough so we can all bask in their musical brilliance.



Good To Love – FKA Twigs

This week, I listened to FKA Twigs for the first time and was completely amazed. The hype around her is completely justified. “Good To Love” is a more laid-back track from FKA Twigs but it is a perfect balance of simple beats and her incredible vocals. FKA Twigs’ music is always experimental and, while “Good To Love” is probably her version of a ballad, it doesn’t stop her from adding soaring synth-y melodies above the vocals and piano and some almost organ-like chords halfway through the track.



The Big Big Beat – Azealia Banks

It’s clear that no matter the controversy that Azealia Banks creates, she will still create music, holding nothing back, that people will still love. I in no way support Banks’ various shocking comments but if you only consider her music and not her personality, there are positives. “The Big Big Beat” is her newest release and it is incredible, showing off her rapping as well as her singing, accompanied by an infectious beat. It might not have the impact of “212” but it has the same catchy beat and melody. She’s definitely one of the best female rappers out there and she just needs to curb her cyberbullying before she can earn anyone’s respect.



Sunshine – Xylaroo

Holly and Coco Chant are sisters from London and they make up Xylaroo, a slightly unsuspecting folk duo about to release their debut album, Sweetooth. Having travelled the world as children, both sisters learned many different musical styles as well as guitar while they travelled. They want their songs to inspire and motivate; “Sunshine” definitely does this. Their voices complement each other so perfectly that it can only really be because of their biological relationship with each other. It should be added to any summer/folk/acoustic playlist you have right now.



Fire – Jack Garratt

“Fire” is one of the first singles from Jack Garratt’s first full album, Phase. The album finally draws together singles produced by Garratt over the last couple of years and is an amazing showcase of his incredible musicality and originality. I’m such a big fan of Garratt’s and “Fire” is my favourite of his tracks so far. Combining simplicity with a sudden wall of interesting sounds, it provides the perfect peaks and troughs. Jack Garratt experiments with so many different sounds, whether it is staticky bass, house beats or vocal manipulation and it separates him from so many musicians who lack originality and try too hard to conform. The only version available on YouTube is a stripped back version so do check it out on Spotify but also marvel at his musicianship in this version. “Fire” will appeal to any music taste with hints of soul, house and electronic music. 2016 is definitely Jack Garratt’s year and I can’t wait to see his career progress.




Joanna Burns