Samantha Emily Evans reviews her glamorous night at the one and only St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, or FS. 


St Andrews Bucket List

  1. Go to FS   ?

It’s on everyone’s* St Andrews bucket list; it’s one of the biggest events in St Andrews, if not the biggest; and it’s covered by the New York Times. It’s a glamorous evening, a spectacle – or at least that was what I had heard. Finally, in my fourth year I attended FS. In my second year, I attended the after-party; I had too many tequila shots and sprained my ankle. This year, I did not. This year, I too was glamorous. I sipped Veuve Clicquot; I gazed up at the models respectfully; I was inspired by the philosophical questions that fashion brought forth. The show was fantastic. It was hard to believe it was not a professional fashion show. 

The show was very impressive. There were two runways with a long runway in the middle connecting the two. It was a huge space, and they made the most of it. There was plenty of space for viewers to be right up against the stage. The lighting and sound were great, with only a few technical errors when a blasting screech went off. But it hardly took away from the night. The audience looked so happy, and were enjoying every moment of the show. I have never seen such wide smiles. The models were beautiful, but with a simplicity that didn’t take away from the clothing. I truly felt that they were blank canvases, as the pieces of clothing dazzled on their bodies. I heard from one model that the goal on a professional runway is to be like a hanger, and that they did. There was a pink sequined crop top with goldfish on it by Mané that took my breath away.




What sets fashion apart from what one wears everyday is the philosophical thought that goes into fashion. Fashion asks the big questions: what is beautiful? what is beauty? what does our society value? The theme of BARE appeared very boldly in the show. The female models’ lingerie was very BARE. With black straps, leather, and corsets, there was definitely an influence, acceptance and celebration of BDSM. Could it be the impact of Fifty Shades of Gray? I appreciated the spiritual mens line by Prash and the long flowing pants, the spirit as the bare soul. The choreography was on point and the models were flawless. The music really added to the walks, and the fashion! Ah, the fashion! It was true haute couture.

The charity auction in between the first and second half was successful in raising money, yet ridiculous. It’s impossible to pretend that affluence in St Andrews doesn’t exist, especially when someone can pay £8,000 for a weekend in Milan, or £520 for a bottle of champagne that is only worth £200, and then drink it that night in the VIP area. Yes, we are suffering from Affluenza, but it is okay because it is for charity. The money raised for SANE, the leading mental health charity in the UK working to #stopstigma, at FS is truly going to a cause that impacts all of us.




As we, The Tribe, critiqued in a previous review about the flawed logistics of FS committee’s event Starfields, which took place in the same location on Lower College Lawn, the logistics of FS were flawless. In order to manage the stampede of previous years, the line into the venue was a filtering system moving around Sallies Quad. It was peaceful, people smoking as they walked, staring up at the blue blue sky. Finding one’s table was well organized with huge seating charts. The bars were well spaced out, with one on each side of the venue, and one bar in the centre for VIP; the next drink was easily accessible. And the toilets were magnificent. At first my friend and I were terrified. We found only six portapotties, and, upon further investigation, every single one had been puked in! Ew! We refused and considered peeing on the grass somewhere when to our relief, we found a little door leading to the School 3 restrooms. I got to pee in my favourite toilet.

By the end of the night, the tables were littered in empty Veuve Clicquot bottles and splintered plastic champagne flutes.

Then the after-party started, which was good enough, however, the main event of the evening was definitely over. I stayed to dance, hell, I even went to an after-after-party, but nothing matched the elegance and excitement of FS.


* I would like to clarify that it isn’t on everyone’s St Andrews bucket list, but it is on a significant number.



Samantha Emily Evans 



Featured images courtesy of FS.