Megan MacKay shares some of her amazing car paintings and how she began painting them.


What medium do you use for these?

I mostly use acrylic on canvas, but apply it quite thinly in order to work on the detail.

How did you get into painting cars?

I got into painting cars through my brother, Lyle. He has always been interested in cars so he asked me to paint one of his favourites, before he sold it on! At first I dreaded the thought of painting a car, mainly because the proportions are easy to get wrong! However it turned out to be enjoyable for me as I love spending time on detail. Once I finished it, Lyle posted a photo of the painting on Facebook, which received a lot of responses. From then on, through Lyle, I’ve received many commissions and will try to do at least one painting whenever I’m at home from uni for longer periods of time.

The background scenery is beautiful as well. Where’s the inspiration from?

The pictures and scenery are all various places around the Highlands!

And do you have a favourite car?

Haha, I don’t really have a favourite, as I don’t actually know much about the cars themselves.





Megan MacKay