Samantha Emily Evans in her OTR series shares five creative writing events to check out! The festival is on from April 1-10, 2016. 


On The Rocks Festival is a creative time in St Andrews. If you love writing, but are tired of writing essays or just want to engage in the thriving creative writing and poetry scene here, stop by one of these five events. Write, meet other writers, and be inspired!

1. Genre Writing Workshop
April 4 & 5 & 7 & 8, Old Union Cafe, 15:00, Free

In the inspiring Old Union Cafe, it looks like a mystical dungeon, there will be four sessions focusing on writing genres, specifically historical fiction, thriller & horror, young adult, and creative nonfiction. Yes! There will be writing.

2. Poetry Workshop
April 3 & 9, Byre Theatre Bar, 14:00, Free

Amanda Merritt, a creative writing postgrad in the School of English, will be leading a poetry workshop that will provide a space for poets to combine creative talents, break through writer’s block, and walk away with a fresh take on their work. The first workshop (April 3) will focus on writing exercises to create materials to work on, and the second workshop (April 9) will focus on workshopping your poem. It will be an extremely informative workshop@! 

12938147_1174184089258878_8505250310187753422_n3. Pound Poems at Taste
April 9, 15:30-19:30, Free

It’s a sensation taking the nation. Poets with typewriters at events, asking “do you need a poem?” – one of our own St Andrews alumni pays his rent doing that! Thus, our very own Inklight poets will be taking over Taste, writing poems for a pound. Come and be a patron of the arts, as well as a muse.

12891008_1174185322592088_4962859924108259694_o4. St Andrews Poetry and Photo Exhibition 
April 2, Aikman’s, 19:00, Free

At Aikman’s, the Fellowship of St Andrews have organized a poetry and photo exhibition that celebrates St Andrews. There will be art, photography, writing, and music!

12891744_1167830286560925_3603339437786501490_o5. St. Art Zine Fair
April 2, Byre Theatre Foyer, 15:00-17:30, Free

St Art Magazine is hosting a zine fair. There will be live music, drinks, and zines from all over the world! And if you want to make a zine, there will be a free workshop on how to make your own. What could be better than an afternoon day drinking, reading, and crafting!



Samantha Emily Evans



Images featured courtesy of On the Rocks