Joanna Burns is back again this week with her round-up of things to listen to this week!

Matt Woods – Ain’t No Use

I’ve been completely in love with London singer/songwriter Matt Woods for a while now. His voice is incredible and he should be getting a lot more attention from music publications and radio stations. His brand new single, ‘Ain’t No Use’, is only his fourth official single and it is by far his best and most sophisticated so far. His music has developed and has become more textured with every song. His beautiful, soulful vocals soar above synth chords in this track and it creates an incredible sound.


Augustines – Are We Alive?

Augustines are back with the first single from their new album, which will be released later this year. It’s an incredibly relentless rock track with Gaslight Anthem sounds and a real feel good vibe. The single is accompanied by a wonderful video following the main singer walking around with the famous Jeffrey Johns, or ‘Big Jeff’, a live music fanatic who goes to 7-10 live gigs a week! The dream… The video is a fantastic tribute to live music and its power. Jeff is a remarkable guy who just gets so much happiness out of live music and dancing at gigs. Augustines want everyone to know about Big Jeff because of his lust for life and for music, and this music video is such a great way to show this off. Everyone can learn something from him about making the most out of life and how powerful live music can be.


Frightened Rabbit – Get Out

Another single from Frightened Rabbit’s new album, Painting of a Panic Attack, coming out in April. ‘Get Out’, like the recently released ‘Death Dream’, is unmistakably Frightened Rabbit sounding and it is wonderful! The wall-of-sound chorus is accompanied by a beautiful vocal melody. Moreover, the video reflects the meaning behind the song stunningly: that one person who you can not get over or forget about. This new release has made me even more excited about the new album, if that is even possible.


Låpsley – Love Is Blind

‘Love Is Blind’ is the first single from Låpsley’s debut album, Long Way Home. After an amazingly successful EP in 2015, this year is set to be even bigger for the English singer. For only 19 years old, Låpsley really knows her sound and the whole album is a testament to this. ‘Love Is Blind’ is a perfect debut single for the album, showing off her voice and musical experimentalism. She is definitely one to watch this year.


Lady Gaga – Til It Happens to You

In celebration of International Women’s Day this week, I thought I’d include a song with an extremely powerful message. ‘Til It Happens to You’ was written for the documentary ‘The Hunting Ground’, which exposed the reality of rape on college campuses in the United States. I had always known about the problem of colleges covering up rape on their campuses but watching the documentary was still a huge shock for me. The corruption that exists within so many colleges is unbelievable, with colleges not wanting to hurt their reputation and thus not allowing women to report rapes or siding with male students because they are good students or athletes with potential. ‘Til It Happens To You’ sheds light on a legal system and a social structure that does not allow women’s voices to be heard with legislation being made predominantly by men, and with a misunderstanding of rape. As an artist, Lady Gaga is not afraid to confront real issues and I have so much respect for her because of it.



Joanna Burns