Daniel Granville gives a brief explanation of why he is an adamant defender of Jay-Z’s TIDAL


Okay, so in my defence, I was planning to do some work this semester. Seriously. But then…

  1. ANTI
  2. Formation
  3. The Life of Pablo
  4. The Formation World Tour (to which I do not have tickets, poor me)

… All my favourite artists decided to assault the music industry en masse, and when I was preparing to move back to my home away from home (the library), the best party songs and most creative albums I have heard in a long minute all came to me.

So I signed up for TIDAL, because I am smart like that; because I want to support an artist-owned, black-owned business, and also because I know that I get to see all the new cool stuff first.

Who got to see the Work videos (yeah, plural) Rihanna casually dropped on the 22nd – me. Who gets exclusive interviews with global legends and newly rising stars – me. Who can ‘revise’ while quietly bopping along to Future’s entire discography at studio quality level – me. Me, me, me.

And all because I have TIDAL.

And okay, while TLOP may have been pirated north of half a million times, those numbers alone should tell you how good the album is, and it is GOOOOOOD. It is like a part 2 to all of the best elements of the best Kanye albums, and listening to it from front to back is a rapturous pleasure (congrats to Chance the Rapper for providing us with the best verses of the whole project).

It is incredibly likely that whenever Frank Ocean decides to re-emerge from the seas to make us all cry again, he will drop his new album on TIDAL.

So really, this is about being prepared; and the money I spend on TIDAL that otherwise would doubtlessly be converted into pizzas is now being put into a much more productive use. So I am basically just being a mature adult…



Daniel Granville