Jackie Ashkin is running for Equal Opportunities Officer in St Andrews Elections 2016. Here’s our interview, we had each of our sections write a question.  


Most embarrassing moment at St Andrews.

Raisin Sunday 2015.

Which House of Cards/Game of Thrones character would you most likely be compared to?

They’re all terrible people.


all of them?

Which literary movement would you most likely associate yourself with? Pick an author whose ideology best reflects your policies as candidate.

2nd century Neo-Assyrian Ascetic (Acidic?) Romanticism. You’ve probably never heard of it. Neither have I.

If you had to choose between money and morality which would you choose, and why?

Morality. I can marry rich.

Thoughts on working breakfasts? 

A good idea after 3pm.

How does your style reflect your personality? 

“They’re both pretty empty and meaningless. Like the first Justin Bieber album.” -The Buddha

What policy is unpopular but something you strongly believe in?

#makeAmericagreatagain #makeDonaldDrumpfagain

I’m gluten free. You should all have to suffer too.

To Pat Mat or not to Pat Mat? 


Favourite escape from the bubble?

Morrison’s. (That’s a  lie, I don’t get that far. Lamond Drive?)

Which movie hero do you identify with?

That one guy in Pirates of the Caribbean on the dingy whose eye always falls out. I’m the eye.



**Disclaimer: Please note that any views expressed in the above responses do not reflect my policies. Except maybe the gluten thing. Equality, right?


Don’t forget to vote, and get informed!