Sigrid Jørgensen is running for Association Chair in St Andrews Elections 2016. Here’s our interview, we had each of our sections write a question.  

Most embarrassing moment at St Andrews.

First day, second semester Psychology lecture I was busy singing “Be Our Guest” and wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and I tripped over my own feet and slid down 10 steps.

Which House of Cards/Game of Thrones character would you most likely be compared to?

Khaleesi for her fierceness

Which literary movement would you most likely associate yourself with? Pick an author whose ideology best reflects your policies as candidate.

Magical Realism because with a little magic, I will be able to complete all of my pledges.

If you had to choose between money and morality which would you choose, and why?

Morality because there is no point having money if you can’t look yourself in the 1000 pound mirror

Thoughts on working breakfasts? 

An absolute no go, breakfast is the last time during the day where I get to relax and enjoy the calm before the storm that is every day.

How does your style reflect your personality? 

My style is functional and reflects the fact that I am a laid back but driven individual that will do anything for the people around me.

What policy is unpopular but something you strongly believe in?

I think the only one that could be seen as unpopular is that I want to restructure the way training is being run.

To Pat Mat or not to Pat Mat? 

Never to Pat Mat

Favourite escape from the bubble?

Taking a run down the coastal path is honestly the best way for me to clear my head and get out of the bubble.

Which movie hero do you identify with?

I am impartial since I am running for an impartial position.

Don’t forget to vote, and get informed!