Airashi Dutta reviews the Rugby 7s Afterparty, held Saturday 16 April at Kinkell Byre. 


St Andrews was filled to the brim with a host of new faces, a truly rare experience. Was it the alumni weekend events? I would wager that it was the Scrum University of St Andrews 7’s tournament and Afterparty that was to follow.

After spending the day out on the sprawling playing fields sipping cider and watching/playing rugby, it is only natural that the day come to end with an (un)forgettable party. The rugby on display was top notch – the St Andrews Rugby 7s is the largest student run rugby 7s tournament in the UK, an impressive expansion from its humble beginnings in 1970. 


A legendary party that I had heard a lot about, I was rather curious to see what was in store for us. An event that has been sold out year after year is one that sets high expectations, sales and resales where people frantically sought to acquire tickets for what has been marketed as “the homecoming of the biggest and best event of the St Andrews Social calendar”, a tall order to meet for any committee.

Alighting from the buses, the cheap alcohol flowing and the dance floor packed to the brim with an eclectic mix of Rugby players, glass bottles and spectators despite our somewhat remote location, St Andrews was able to provide a host of musical legends such DJ FLO, DJ Joe Jones, and the spectacular Sunta Und Die Klauses, all of whom pleased the visiting guests.


For those who preferred electronic music, there were also performances by TEK-YES, a rising group in the tech scene. The event has often been associated with debauchery and general ‘thirst’, which there was plenty of to go around. Most of the event was a blur (which I usually take to mean a good night), shots of spirits at cheap prices available at the two bars.

The only thing that really stood out was the absence of an additional marquee which I felt would have provided an area for conversation and just chilling out with the squad and lads. Also, advertising the bar as ‘cash only’ when in fact they accepted card payment prevented many from purchasing as much as they would have – perhaps this might have been for the better, based on the inebriated guests surrounding me at the event.


Sponsored by SCRUM, Scotland’s only Rugby publication and organised by Saint Rugby, it truly was a weekend long party, beginning from the Friday night Pre Party at the Union and all throughout the day. Though a great night out and a classic Kinkell gig, the 7s after party still appeared to me as a glorified Wednesday Sinners night out, with the addition of visiting rugby boys from other universities (not something I would ever complain about!).

Airashi Dutta