Kathrina Ashley previews Label fashion show, to be held April 14 at Club 601.

The date is fast approaching.

On April 14, Label will be hosting its inaugural fashion show, and in keeping with its highly emphasized mission statement, the night will be thematically centred on inclusivity, positivity and diversity.

So far, the committee has successfully maintained an air of mystery regarding the show, while still generating interest and support. It has hosted giveaways and two successful nights at the Adamson Bar and Restaurant: its launch party and Meet the Models. Yet, because it is a new event with a high standard to live up to; some might still be wondering, can they pull it off?

What is sure is that the Label experience will be atypical of the St Andrews fashion show season.


With sponsorship from major beauty and fashion brands, including M&Co, Swarovski, Phase Eight, Zazzle, Ted Baker and Clarins, Label is off to a strong start.

The endeavour has also enlisted the patronage of Thornton’s chocolatier, Soooshi and the Adamson, who is their official partner and event sponsor. Having managed to secure the support of a variety of established local and international companies, Label is already rising to the occasion, beginning to prove itself to be viable competition to ‘bucket list’ events like FS, Don’t Walk and Sitara.

What’s more, Label is proving its dedication to its mission, choosing to display pieces from Neon Moon, Gender Free World and Feminist Apparel, amongst other socially conscious designers. The committee states, ‘the clothing we’ll be showing represents a broad range of styles, but each and every designer we’re featuring has a specific connection to our show’s message. We’ll exhibit eco-friendly clothing, handmade clothing, clothing designed for all body types, lingerie, conceptual fashion pieces, recycled and repurposed clothing, and clothing with a message.’

The committee is using Label’s line-up to emphasize that fashion is an art and a performance, and is as such ensuring that every aspect of the show is a manifestation of its aims. Separated by a short intermission, the show’s halves will be enhanced by dance performances and displays featuring content from the Armour photoshoot, the #youdoyou collaboration with Concrete Catwalk and an upcoming collaboration with ST.ART Magazine.

The after-party is sure to be just as lively. Setting it in contrast with the typical fete will be the presence of dancers who will be circulating and teaching keen guests eclectic styles of dance and choreography from the show. There will also be a photo-booth where guests will have the chance to be part of the Label experience by modelling.

label 2

To top it all off, the event is competitively priced at a mere £25.

In this way, the committee intends to demonstrate that fashion is not elite and inaccessible. This standpoint of inclusivity, rather than exclusivity, is Label’s unique contribution to the hyped-up fashion show culture, within and without St Andrews. It will ground Label, while allowing it to maintain its social and creative distinctiveness.

This is not all that Label has to offer. Of course, given its novelty, it is no wonder that Label is not ready to give all of its secrets away. In the days leading up to the show, Label will be revealing more surprises – other designers and sponsors and, most excitingly, its musical headliner.

Overall, Label promises a memorable and eclectic night filled with creativity and excitement. The committee has been hard at work since last year, and is eagerly looking forward to sharing these experiences, and other surprises, with its guests.


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Kathrina Ashley

Photos provided courtesy of Label.