Jo Boon offers ten top tips for procrastinating this revision period. Want to add to the list? Comment below or message The Tribe to further your procrastination. 


If the title of this article caught your eye, then you’re already well on your way to becoming a pro- procrastinator. It is a fine art that practice can perfect, however, so let me take you through my guide on how to avoid revision, exams and stress.

1) Day trips

It’s finally sunny! I mean, some days there has been sunshine, so why not take your chances and head off for a day trip. The countryside around St Andrews is absolutely stunning and it is definitely worth a trip to Anstruther for the fish and chips. We all get so caught up in deadlines during the semester, why not take this opportunity to break free?

2) Recycle

This might sound crazy but hear me out: We all know that excessive procrastination can call for desperate measures, even cleaning and considering washing before you’ve actually run out of underwear. Why not take it one step further and do something to help the environment? Take the time to clear out all the bottles left over from a years worth of partying and make sure everything gets recycled properly. bottles3) Goodbye gifts

We’re coming up to summer, so make sure you have little surprises ready for all the people you’re going to miss. This is a fun way to forget about exams and do something nice for people who are graduating, your significant other, or those people who you’re just not quite sure how you’re going to live without this summer.

4) Go to the library

Going to the library might not seem like the most obvious form of procrastination, but I can assure you that very little work will get done there. If you manage to get into the library without running into at least three people you know then I’m seriously impressed. Head on down, feel fantastic about your good intentions to work, and then hang out with your friends instead.

5) Facebook

We all know that social media is where concentration goes to die. The methods of procrastination are simply endless: buzzfeed quizzes, friend culls, facebook stalking… I mean do you really need to revise, or find out what your status update will be in 10 years time?

6) Cook

You have to stay healthy during revision season, so spend some time cooking your favourite dishes that you don’t normally get chance to during term time. Preparing food, tidying afterwards and enjoying your creations can take up a significant part of the day. If you’re looking to extend the process still further, then invite friends over to share the food with you. That way you can avoid work and help your friends in one easy move.

7) Photography

We are sometimes in danger of forgetting how beautiful our little seaside town is, so take out your camera or phone and spend some time appreciating it. camera8) Sleep

Some people just never grow out of naps, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We all lead a stressful life at uni so take some timeout and forget about revising for another day or two.

9) Gym

On the other hand, if lying in just isn’t your thing then practice your procrastination at the gym or by going for a run on the beach. This is a healthy alternative to studying and a great way to look after your mental and physical health.

10) Pretend you’re going to work

If all else fails though, there is one way you can be absolutely certain you’ll end up procrastinating:  pretend you’re going to work.


Good luck with exams!


All images courtesy of Pixabay.