Sophie Kaufman, our Art & Photography editor, tells you about The Tribe‘s social media platforms, and her goal to use them to showcase student art.


I am Sophie Kaufman, and I am the new sub-editor for the Art & Photography section of The Tribe. I am a rising second year studying Modern History and English from Boston, Massachusetts. A few quick things about me — I prefer Dervish over Empire, and Blackhorn over Burger. My favorite movie is Almost Famous, my favorite book is The Phantom Tollbooth, and (since this is the Art & Photography section) my favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. Over the course of the next year, my main goal for the upcoming year is to increase readership for the section. Compared to some of the other sections, Art & Photography has a surprisingly low readership and I would like to significantly increase the number of people that our posts reach. I have got a couple of ideas on how to do this—first, by using our social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook to showcase more student art.

Our Instagram (@thetribeonline) is very new and so far we have mostly used to promote application deadlines, but I think it could be a great way to showcase more student artwork. From drawings to paintings to photos from around the world, Instagram would be a great way for more people to become engaged with all of the talented art that gets done at our amazing university. In addition, it is also a way for people to celebrate where they come from with the rest of the St. Andrews community. People come to St. Andrews from all over the world, and by encouraging people to send in photos of their hometowns, we could help celebrate all the cultural diversity that exists in our tiny town.

In addition to the wide range of people in our town, there is also, as I am sure you have discovered, a huge amount of talent, especially artistic. However, I personally felt that I did not hear about a large amount of the shows (theatrical or artistic) until I was reading about them in the review sections of our student-run newspapers. Maybe that was because I was looking in the wrong places, or because the advertising took place on the Facebook timelines of people I was not friends with. So, next year, I want to change that by partnering with more societies to promote their events on our website. That way, more people can hear about events featuring student BEFORE they close, not after. One society that I think would be awesome to partner with for this would be On the Rocks. They work all year to put on a whole week that focuses on all mediums of student art, and working with them to promote the artistic exhibits would not only make sure that student art become more accessible, but would increase our readership as well.

Finally, another exciting venture for The Tribe this year is that we are trying to be able to print editions of the magazine. If you want to help us do this, please help us out by donating to our Kickstarter campaign by July 17 by following this link: . This is an exciting opportunity for all the sections of the newspaper, but particularly for this one. Being physically printed means that we can take the art to the people of St Andrews, instead of relying on them to visit our website. This means that we can also have a hand in making sure that more student art gets displayed around town—on the cover and inside our magazine—because as we hand out copies of the magazine around town, we are directly delievering student art into the hands of St. Andrews.

I hope you are as excited for another year of The Tribe as I am and please remember to like our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, if you want to write or take pictures for the Art and Photography section, feel free to send me an email at photography@thetribeonline. Get excited!


Sophie Kaufman