Natasha Franks, our new food editor, discusses her thoughts on the St Andrews culinary scene and her goals for the food section. 


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Literally, Virginia Woolf was correct: lacking sustenance, a human will inevitably descend into bodily ruin and waste away into emaciated nothingness. Metaphorically, she refers to the idea of comfort, the need for an equilibrium ensured by a well-nourished stomach and mind. We crave the familiar feeling of a sated appetite as we treat ourselves to Sunday brunch at the Cottage Kitchen, hoping to overpower the taste of last night’s cheesy chips still on our tongues.

The gastronomy of St Andrews is as eclectic as the residents of the town. Commercials haunts such as Domino’s or Subway reside alongside local favourites Blackhorn and Beanscene, and Tesco’s fruit aisle faces competition on the first Saturday of each month from the Fife farmers’ market. While some enjoy a succulent steak at Balgove, others will opt for a Dervish pizza. The Adamson, Tony Macaroni, Janettas, Nardini… These streets are packed more tightly than a can of sardines at the Seafood Restaurant.

The food section will be a forum to discuss food through the lens of St Andrews. Commentary on local restaurants, reviews of food-related events, and student-friendly shopping tips all have a place in the Tribe. As we seek to expand our coverage, writers may also offer thoughts on their dining experiences throughout the world. Share your experience with Tuscan pizza, describe the taste of a genuine German bratwurst, recommend the finest smoked salmon in Sweden. Our international student body has tastebuds that reach beyond North, South and Market, and this magazine hopes to communicate that multicultural aspect of our collective identity.

As summer proceeds, I encourage you to embark on every culinary opportunity that your travels may present to you, as eating is experience in the realm of food journalism. Anyone may email to express their interest in writing for the section.


Natasha Franks