Izzy Mittal reviews Pimm’s: Refilled, a Lumsden Club‘s event whose proceeds are heading to the Fife Women’s Aid.


On the first truly autumn like September night, flocks of St. Andreans headed to South Street for one last taste of the departing British summer. Immediately handed a glass of perfectly concocted Pimm’s, I knew the night would not disappoint. The location of the event, The Rule, was a lovely mix of a British pub, dance floor and fraternity party. Miniature Union Jack’s adorned the walls and upbeat indie/ alternative music was pumping throughout the entire venue from the opening act of the Bluesberries to Joe Grimeh. Compared to last years “Secret Garden Party”, though I was not present, I felt that PIMM’S: REFILLED was extremely intimate. People were constantly passing each other from one end of the venue to other throwing down a dance move or taking a celebrity shot at the numerous Pimm’s Pong tables.

Organized by the ladies of the Lumsden Club, everyone could tell they had truly put in extensive efforts to make this particular Tuesday night memorable. Not only a great night filled with the fizzy drinks but also all proceeds were heading to a great cause, the Fife Women’s Aid. The charity supports women and children that have been victims to domestic abuse.

The atmosphere of PIMM’S: REFILLED was fantastic. The circulating pitchers of Pimm’s certainly contributed to that, but coming off of Fresher’s Week it was a nice change from the Union. I am already keen for next year’s event.


Izzy Mittag