Wulang Derrida, our Events editor, reviews FS’ most talked about event.


A Field of stars just like Saint Laurent print. But there is more, this year’s Starfields was building up the celebration of 25 years of FS. Equivalent to the return of the house to Haute Couture crowd, or the start of the event to becoming the ultimate event in St Andrews.

Hosted under the Sydney Opera House-like dome at Lower College Lawn, Saturday night’s rave felt bigger and more festive than ever. Experience does make a difference, Starfields flawlessly delivered an exceptional setting of bar service, food stalls and hanging out areas which are crucial elements of any events. So naturally, there is no need for anyone to peruse over the details to decide whether it was a fabulous evening, everyone was simply having fun.

5:25 pm – The door opened at 3.30 for press, but I had things to attend elsewhere. Before entering the venue, guests were ushered to walk halfway around the quad. Although it was a bit of a walk, the sky was beautiful, in a way building up the excitement since the start. (Also, kudos to the wristband collection team for fully exploited the Quad, how refreshing compared to the Union or anywhere else, really).


Upon arrival, surprise after surprise was coming. Everyone’s narcissistic tendencies were spoiled by three photobooths; one by SF, one classic banner, and one inside a red London cab by Fixr app. Those who ran out of or did not get a chance to get those flashy temporary tattoos or simply wanted to spruce up with flower headband could get some at the venue. The L-shaped bar kept on going, suited for the drink orders throughout the night. This bar lead up to the food stalls and finally the dome area. 15 minutes in, the brilliance of the layout set in. Near the bar, there were barrels that served as cup holders, convenient for when you were waiting for your friends who were still at the bar. The picnic tables added a nice touch of summer feeling. The bean bags reminded you of the beach you visited this summer. Everything was carefully thought-out to be practical and accommodating.


6:44 pm – I told you it is the one event where everyone was still in their holiday mood, the clothes, the hairstyle, the conversation… No one needed any chill pill.


7:06 pm – classic bathroom queue. What is a review without a bathroom situation update? Everyone at Starfields suddenly migrated to the corner of Lower College Lawn to calm the bladder. With many portable toilets and the use of ‘women students’ bathroom inside the building, the line was as long as one you would find at an H&M designer collab. It was all fine the second time you went in since everyone was drinking at a different pace.


8:34 pm – //SG, Bodalia and SAGA delivered electrifying tunes to warm up the guests as evidenced by the readiness of everyone to dance and party hour after hour.

Philip George’s deep house was pleasing the crowd while they waited for Michael Calfan. The crowd exploded many times, but more especially so during Cheat Codes – Let Me Hold You and Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul.

9:15 pm – After dancing song after song, I finally sat down (with my best friend of almost the entire 4 years that I am here!). Starfields, you have really ticked it all. We spotted some brave, rebellious souls attempted to jumped over the wall behind the bar to catch the last bit of your event!6

9:42 pm – It was a wrap for me. Followed by a pizza soon after.

My view changed from the picture on the left to the right (Dervish queue) in under 20 mins.

7Despite some overheards of conversation that the music was better last year, they did not change my mind and I am sticking to my own opinion that Starfields is the one event you MUST attend in the first semester. It is in the heart of the town, the weather’s lovely, the food and drink are plenty, nothing pretentious and everyone is just in the mood for fun.

**This year’s events are held in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity.


Wulang Derrida