Maya Asha, our Fashion Editor, lists some makeup products that put Sephora brands to shame. Maybe the price tag can be daunting, but they’re definitely worth the splurge!


Of course, everyone knows that major clothing brands tend to branch off into the fragrance and cosmetic industry, but more often than not, the product price tag is hard to justify. Consumers rightfully assume that they are paying for the name, which is true to an extent, however, there are some major labels who produce makeup products that put Sephora brands to shame. Now I will be the first to say that Chanel makeup is overrated and that Burberry lipsticks are no better than Revlon, but let’s discuss the brands who dominate the runway and the cosmetics counter.

Two words, Tom Ford. Now unlike other fashion labels turned cosmetic titans, Tom Ford does not produce a staggering amount of products, instead, it is legendary for one item, lipstick. Tom Ford lipsticks come in a wide range of colours and finishes, but what the brand is really known for is creating the “perfect nude” shades. If you are a makeup junkie you know that a Tom Ford lipsticks cost more than a nose job, but their pigmentation, finish, fragrance, and packaging make them the hottest lipstick on the luxury cosmetic market. Now if you need some name dropping to be convinced, celebrities like Kim K, Gigi Hadid, Amber Rose, JLo, and Katy Perry are all  huge fans of the TF lipstick range, need I say more?

Let’s see if you recognise this product name on your own, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. If you did, it is probably because this foundation has a cult following. Similarly to brands like Estee Lauder, Armani’s cosmetic line is almost exclusively know for its face products, concealer, foundation, bronzer, etc. However, after launching the “Luminous Silk” collection, Armani now dominates the foundation game with one of the most popular face products of all time. With over twenty different shades, and created using micro-fluid technology, Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation has quickly become the favourite of celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lupita Nyong’o. Quick tip: for my ladies out there with a darker complexion and struggling to get the perfect colour match, you need to check out this line!

Now unless you genuinely avoid makeup, magazines, and Instagram, there is a good chance you will have heard of “highlighting” or “strobing” your face. If you have ever seen a picture of someone where their cheek bone looks like it was dipped in silver and is reflecting a blinding light up to space, then you my friend are witnessing a very intense highlight. While that may be some peoples taste, YSL opted to create a highlight for the more subtle makeup wearer, and that is how Touche Éclat was born. This pen-brush (that is honestly what they call it) is perfect for depositing a thin veil of sheer product onto the high points of one’s face, thus creating the perfect highlight, according to the products star model Cara Delevingne. Realistically this is a wildly unnecessary product to begin with, but when a product has five stars out of 289 reviews, I am going to take note.

In an attempt not to bore you with an endless article about makeup, let me list two honourable mentions that deserve to be given a shoutout!

  • Dior: The “Couture Creations” Palette (It is a palette in the shape of a Dior clutch…the definition of bougie)
  • Dolce&Gabbana: Sophia Loren N°1 Beauty Shine Lipstick (The packaging is gold and signed by Sophie Loren, I mean yes please!)

So there you have it, some of fashion’s most fabulous cosmetic spinoffs. The price tag can be daunting, but I swear the products I have mentioned are well worth the splurge, these are tried, tested, and approved! Until next time, keep it real.


Maya Asha