Wulang Derrida interviews unsuspecting Freshers on their first impressions of The Bubble.


“Freshers were rounded up in a number of venues but mainly the Union.” -someone’s trying to be funny sometimes (A response from a graduate when I told him that I was doing a round-up review). So here it is.

Week 1 is approaching. The beginning of the deal as to why you chose to come here in the little bubble that we call St Andrews. Education, I hope? But the real deal has started the moment you stepped into Freshers’ Week. It is the friends who stay with you through drunken nights, give you tissue when you are crying over silly boys/girls, and take you back to your hall safely. Friendship, I believe is the word to sum it all up. So how has it been treating you so far? Did it burst big time or was it all bubbly? Hopefully the latter for all of you, but it is gonna give you both, it is gonna give you all, on the first week until the last (from what I have heard)…

I chatted to some freshers on their night outs to find out how they have been enjoying their first week.

“It’s been amazing, Clan Warfare was my favourite even though we lost it. I’m in St Regs.” -D, too drunk to answer more questions.

“I met my parents on the first night at the union. I don’t think I’ve had my best night this week yet, but I’m positive it’s gonna happen tomorrow, we’re doing a pub crawl. So maybe I’ll get back to you on that question of where everything is after tomorrow night.” -A, with the cool stickers (I hope you got some for Starfields too).

“I didn’t regret going to St Andrews. It’s been so much fun! But the best part so far is being friends with F, and being able to go out every night before the term starts. I haven’t thrown up yet, scored a couple cuties, one of which may potentially be the love of my life. Maybe. But I’m not giving any details! What if he reads this interview, no! No! No!” -I, vivacious blond from New York (She claimed).

“I thought it [was] going to be really lame. I definitely didn’t enjoy it the first few days, but now that I’ve met I, it’s all so much better and fun! I found my parents, partied everyday, met so many new people, it’s great! Can’t wait for tonight’s event, keep them coming!” -C, having the most fun at your party, grew up in Miami.

“We haven’t done any of those yet, sorry (no vomit, no score, no love of their lives). We’ve found our parents though, so we’re not completely behind, right…?” -Scottish, British and American boys stranded in DRA.

“We just went to the union every night because of cheap drinks and everyone is there. Excited for Rave of Thrones!” -two British boys with no regrets of Freshers’ Week and in desperate need to hit the bar.

“We think it’s been wilder than we thought it would be. We’ve found parents too, this family thing is really cool. We haven’t thrown up yet, but we have scored each other. Wait, that’s happened before Freshers’ Week, does that count? Love of our lives? We hope so (looked at each other).” -an adorable couple with great sense of style from London.

“Tips for everyone in St Andrews? Girls, skirts and heels all the way. Boys, please comb your hair.” -Half English Half American girls with tiaras and Hunter boots.

-Nearest/most convenient cure:
1) Starbucks/Costa/Taste – easy and quick.
2) North Point/Cottage Kitchen – for when you have your life so together, a.k.a being adult last night and take the shots hourly instead of 5 in one hour.
3) Your kitchen – shop the day before and save yourself some £ and gain eternal love from your flatmate if you get an extra pack of bacon to share.

On what comes next: Fresher’s flu
Top tip: Throw fruits or Berocca or Lemsip at them (for convenience) scream ‘SORRY! I love you and will see you when you’re better’ and run.


Wulang Derrida