Alexis Gostelow gives you tips for snagging designer items without breaking the bank.


Let’s face it: words like Prada, Valentino, and Tom Ford trigger that horribly agonizing combo of desire and despair. The clothes are easily available but tiresome obligations to buy food and pay rent sometimes keep the Add to Cart button unclicked. Happily, the Internet, along with increasing our temptations, has also created a means of affording designer luxury. Websites catering to budget conscious fashionistas allow people all over the world to buy designer clothing. Though these sites still require time and effort to use, they have made searching for affordable designer wear far easier than ever before.


 The Outnet

This site, which is owned by the Net-A-Porter Group, offers designer clothing at up to 90% off. The selection is added to every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so there is a constant stream of fashionable items. It stocks over 350 brands including Philip Lim, Isabel Marant, Iris & Ink, and many more, with easy international shipping and easy returns. Keep in mind that some items may not sell for weeks whilst others sell out in a matter of days. Due to the way The Outnet works, it is never known if they will restock an item once it is sold out.



This site is a middleman for boutiques all over the world to sell to the international market. If you are patient and check the website a few times a month, you can find individual boutiques having sales of their particular stock. Depending on where the boutique is, shipping can sometimes be costly but the substantial discounts and free returns may compensate for that expense. Shopping on Farfetch sometimes requires comparisons to other websites in order to understand what kind of deal you are getting. However, with a little time spent, FarFetch can really pay off for those need-to-have items.



Shopstyle does not sell clothing but it tells you who does. It is best used if you know what you want or have a small selection of possibilities. For instance, if you want a particular pair of jeans from Madewell, Shopstyle will list websites selling that pair or something similar. You can also be alerted when an item goes on sale. All the websites are verified so you do not have to worry about a deal being too good to be true. Shopstyle’s service, My Tailored Shop, allows users to see their favorite brands and shows those within a preferred price range. Shopstyle also features options to narrow down the possibilities for shipping, color, size, and type.



Bloomingdales is a department store in the United States that sells thousands of luxury items. They have an ongoing sale where some clothing items fall into the lower £20 range. The site is good to use for basics and small items (such as makeup bags) that you might need. Bloomingdales also offers a personalized shopping service to help you pick what you want. They provide international shipping and are easy and efficient to use.


Alexis Gostelow