Izzy Mittag reviews Welly Ball 2016, which she defines as an event which one must attend at least once throughout their four years.


Well, well, well, where do I even begin. My anticipations for Welly Ball 2016 grew greatly as the date neared. I must admit, I was expecting the bar to be set quite high. I had been told numerous times by students in second, third and fourth year, that this was truly one of the best balls of the year. The people did not lie. Matched with the ability to wear both colourful and comfortable welly’s, I, and am sure a number of ladies out there would agree, was a gift from God that for one night not have to worry about stumbling over cobblestone streets or the gravel of Kinkell Byre.

Founded in 2008, Welly Ball is one of the many things that makes the University of St Andrews so unique in its traditions. I mean really, where else is it not only allowed, but encouraged to drink wine directly from a rain boot? Apart from the great frivolity, the Welly Ball committee does an absolutely fantastic job in raising awareness for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. The chosen charity was set up in the hopes of educating young people on the importance of staying mentally well. A very prevalent issue, especially amongst university students.
Welly Ball 2016 was a beautifully orchestrated event that made all the party-goers want the clock to never reach 2am. The event would make any Brit, American and International proud to adorn their best Hunter boots and black tie or dress. In very Kinkell Byre-esque style, the canopy of string lights, lofted over the bar, was present and balanced well with the lights and paper lanterns that hung from the main dinner tent. It seemed that the chosen sponsors were also a great hit. The Darzi Clothing Company, Point Black Cold Brew Coffee, Emily Fruit Crisps and
MightyBee Coconut Water are all UK based companies that bring an even larger sense of Britain and countryside to the venue.
The presence of a live band added to the loveliness of the ball, but with the arrival of the after-party crowd, a DJ was a welcomed change of tempo. The consensus on the venue was that the space was used very well and one was able to flow from room to room.
As a student of the Erasmus Programme stated, “Welly Ball was one of the few St Andrews events, that I’ve experienced, which lived up to the hype. Really great dinner and after-party, with the right amount of opulence that allows my friends at home to see the photos and sigh, “How St Andrews!” A second year, who was lucky enough to attend last year, was extremely pleased to find that this time around, the ball was equally as enjoyable and is very excited to slide into her welly and dress combination once again next year.
With 750 dinner guests and 800 more for the after party, the Welly Ball committee truly outdid themselves as planning such a large event, which ran so smoothly, is no easy feat. After experiencing the event, I would certainly say that one must go at least once throughout their four years and I am already excited to see what magnificent night Welly Ball will provide us with next year.


Izzy Mittag