Natasha Franks reviews Fine Food & Dining Society’s Boozy Brunch. 


The morning after Welly Ball was characterised by a severe need for hangover-curing food. The St Andrews Voluntary Service offered £1 bacon rolls beginning at 8.30 am, but for those of us who slept in late, brunch would have to do. Fortunately, the Fine Food & Dining Society planned ahead for such a scenario, and arranged to host their inaugural boozy brunch on Sunday 13 November.

Around twenty diners arrived at Hotel du Vin for the event. Guests accepted mimosas before entering the hotel restaurant, where a delectable table of salmon, crab, bread, charcuterie and many other edibles was display. The table could have been a meal in its own right, and many guests struggled not to eat their fill within the first twenty minutes. We paired the charcuterie with bowls of warm tomato soup, the perfect starter to a well-rounded meal.

For their mains, guests were given the choice of french toast, eggs benedict, or poached egg and avocado. I opted for the eggs benedict, which I paired with smoked salmon from the market table. By all accounts, every option was nothing short of delicious; not an empty plate could be found by the time dessert – crème brulee – was delivered to the tables. Thanks to the society’s partnership with Luvians, we were then able to retire to the bar, where many bottles of bubbly were enjoyed.

The sheer cost effectiveness of the event must be commended. Members paid either £23 (alcohol noninclusive) or £27 (alcohol inclusive), while non-members paid £30 (alcohol noninclusive) or £35 (alcohol inclusive). Regardless of which tier was selected, every guest received far more than their money’s worth – either in food or in drink.

Also noteworthy: I appreciated the separation between alcohol and non-alcohol tickets. Many of us do not find hair of the dog to be the ideal solution to a hangover, so the option of a cheaper, non-alcohol inclusive ticket was welcome.

It may be too much to ask for the Boozy Bunch to be a weekly occurrence, but I certainly would embrace its reappearance at Hotel du Vin. Hunter sating and aesthetically pleasing, it was a delicious success from the Fine Food & Dining Society!


Natasha Franks