John Silver brings you a Christmassy quiz to help you pick where you should spend your winter break.


Want some self-revelation? Inspiration for your next holiday? Gain the best (personalised) travel-related advice that you could come across with On the Road’s new ‘Trashy Internet Quiz’ series. Just write down the number corresponding to each answer you choose:


I. How stressful has this semester been?

  1. I’m in first year or very chilled
  2. Moderate
  3. Fine actually
  4. Have only left the library to get coffee and sleep
  5. Catastrophically stressful

II. What is your Favorite Christmas meal?

  1. Turkey and cranberries
  2. Fondue
  3. Roasted chestnuts or Panetone
  4. Anything my parents cook
  5. I prefer fruit

III. What is your favourite thing about the winter?

  1. Clear skies/frost
  2. Winter sports
  3. Christmas markets/lit up cities
  4. Snow
  5. Prefer the summer

IV. What is your budget?

  1. Unlimited
  2. £500
  3. £300
  4. Might have spent it all on coffee
  5. About £2000

V. What has been getting to you most recently?

  1. Clouds obscuring the stars at night
  2. Been sitting/working for too long
  3. Been in the same place for too long
  4. Shitty student accommodation
  5. The cold

VI. What temperature are you craving?

  1. What a stupid question
  2. Below 0
  3. 0-10 degrees
  4. The warmth of a fire
  5. Over 25 degrees

VII. How adventurous are you feeling?

  1. VERY
  2. Been deprived of adrenaline all term
  3. Want to see something new
  4. I just want to sleep
  5. Would be more adventurous if I wasn’t so cold

VIII. Which sounds most inviting right now?

  1. The stars
  2. A beautiful sunset
  3. SNOW
  4. Seeing my dog/cat/guinea pig
  5. Some really nice food

IX. Pick an Artist

  1. Yayoi Kusama
  2. Peter Doig
  3. Yan Van Eyck
  4. Cezanne
  5. Gaugin

X. Pick a Christmas movie

  1. A Cosmic Christmas
  2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (old one)
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life
  4. The Family Stone
  5. Nightmare before Christmas


Results:429540-galaxy-nebula-outer-space-starsMostly a’s: Outerspace. You have the energy and the cash, so why not?

peter_doig_ski_jacket_1993Mostly b’s: “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” If skiing was able to make even Sylvia Plath feel better, it’ll definitely be a good antidote to sitting around writing essays/labs.

dt1906Mostly c’s: German Christmas markets, Champs-Elysees in the snow, perhaps a Muscovite dome in the distance? You should go inter-railing.

4_11Mostly d’s: GO HOME. Because everyone needs to sometimes.

holidayinn_2016Mostly e’s: Vanuatu i.e the happiest island on earth. Let your cares drift away… escape the cold and return tanned and gorgeous.


John Silver