Don’t miss the upcoming screening of anti-trafficking film SOLD, this Thursday 26th January, 7pm at the Byre Theatre.


Global child rights movement Childreach International has partnered with the film SOLD as part of their Taught, Not Trafficked campaign: a campaign that aims to raise awareness about child trafficking and its root causes and mobilize local communities into prevention.

The film itself stars Gillian Anderson, and centers on the story of Lakshmi, a thirteen year-old Nepali girl trafficked to a prison brothel in Kolkata, India. At once gripping and shocking, Lakshmi’s story is only one of an estimated 32-54 girls trafficked from Nepal every day.

As expected, the film will generate the need for discussion. The event has cleverly provided for this by including a panel discussion following the film, with key speakers including:

  • Stephen Gethins, MP for North East Fife
  • Bishop of St Andrews, Most Revd David Chillingworth
  • Professor Ali Watson, Director of Third Generation Project
  • Dr Jeffrey Murer, University of St Andrews
  • Childreach International

The premier event in the Taught, Not Trafficked campaign promises to be fascinating and informative, helping to shine a light on one of the biggest human rights issues of our time.

Reserve your tickets (for free) HERE.


Rachel Abreu