Natasha Franks, our Food Editor, shares her opinion on St Andrews’ new restaurant Mammacita.


On the subject of restaurants, St Andrews tends to make up in quantity what it lacks in quality. We are besieged by Italian and Indian, while dozens of cuisines fall by the wayside. Despite boasting a worldwide following, Mexican food is scarce in St Andrews. Mexigo satisfies the occasional craving for takeout or home delivery, while until recently the Grill House quenches our thirst for frozen margaritas. This past month, Mammacita arrived with the goal of delivery authentic Mexican food (and plenty of tequila) to Scotland.mammacita03

Billed as the start of a food revolution, the restaurant is Market Street’s most recent culinary acquisition. It makes no attempt at cuisine fusion: The menu is one hundred percent Mexican, a fine selection of authentic tacos and quesadillas. The food is designed to be appreciated, both for its beauty and its flavour.

The same philosophy applies to Mammacita’s tequila bar. Enjoy one of the bar’s twenty-five tequilas in a margarita (the menu offers many variations), or on ice. The spirit is served to be enjoyed, rather than hastily downed. Presumably, it will pair nicely with a taquito or two.

Mammacita’s can be found on Market Street directly across from the Union.


Natasha Franks