Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu shows you how to de-clutter your closet and overhaul your style, just in time for the New Year.


Blink and you’ll miss it: it’s the New Year! And what better time to make a big change than now? In a society of consumerism, it’s easy for the “more is more” mindset to trickle down to your shopping habits. One falls into an endless cycle of shopping for what’s trendy and then having to do a wardrobe overhaul every year or so, but that isn’t always easy on a student budget. The trick is to invest in a few key pieces (and yes we mean invest – good quality items with matching price tags) that will work for the long haul. Here’s how to achieve maximum style points with a minimalist mindset.


Find good quality basics in your price range

It’s easy to think that a plain white v-neck is something to be bought at a fast-fashion retailer – it’s a simple wardrobe item that receives a lot of wear and tear. But for an item of clothing that is so versatile, you’ll be wearing it so much that it shouldn’t be so poor in quality that you’re replacing it every couple of months. Instead, opt for good quality basics that will last you close to forever. If you’re willing to splurge, A.P.C., Rag & Bone and Acne Studios are great places to start, however shops like Uniqlo and Gap also offer great basics at more affordable price tags.


Pick one trend and stick to it

The thing with trends is that there is always a new one around the corner. It can be difficult for your wardrobe and wallet to keep up with ever-evolving rules in fashion, so the easiest way around it is to pick just one trend to follow through with. This way, you can still incorporate fashion-forward pieces into your wardrobe, but won’t find yourself having to toss everything out once new collections (and their accompanying trends) are revealed.


Neutrals are your friends

It may sound a bit boring, but in order to save time and money on clothing, it’s important that a majority of the pieces you buy come in a neutral colour. Sure, those dusty rose strappy heels may look necessary for your closet right now, but be honest with yourself – how many times are you actually going to wear them? Sometimes it’s best to play around with different styles and silhouettes yet stick to neutral colours, that way you know you’ll get a lot of use out of something, even if it is quite trendy at first glance.


The good ol’ hanger trick

When you hang your clothes up in your closet, make sure all the hangers are facing in one direction. After you use an item, hang it back up with the hanger facing in the opposite direction. At the end of the year, look at all the hangers that are still facing in the original direction you placed them in: these are all the clothes you haven’t worn! It’s time to donate them, sell them or give them away to friends who want them. This trick actually works and will help you see how small a percentage of your clothing you actually use, helping you to stock up on only a few key, essential items.

Not all new year’s resolutions are easy to follow, but if you want to become a more conscious shopper and overhaul a clunky wardrobe, this is the best place to start. Good luck!


Rachel Abreu