Sarah Gharib interviews a selection of Catwalk Fashion Show attendees to hear their views about an integral part of RAG Week.


Reem, a 2nd year Social Anthropology student, gives her opinion on the show:

“The show was really well put together. There was a good range between the models; they had realistic body types, but I did feel like it could’ve been more diverse. It felt like the models were having a really good time up there – dancing and singing – and it made it natural and they weren’t stiff. I feel like I got my money’s worth: the goody bags had a lot to offer and I had a great time. The clothes were ones that people could actually wear, there was a range of styles represented and I liked the community spirit that came from having St Andrews shops and boutiques in the show. The set up of the show was good and I really liked that the models walked to the sides as well. I only feel like the intermission should’ve come before the lingerie part of the show, as it felt poorly placed. The music was excellent, and wasn’t the typical runway music, and it matched the atmosphere of the show well. Overall, I had a really good time.”


Jack, a 2nd year over-enthusiastically drunk student:

“I had great fun. Last year it was the best night of the year. This year is almost as good, it’s not better than last year because my best mate was in it last year. The models are so attractive, all of them, the girls and even the guys. It was a great value for money for what it is. The DJ was good; she had good taste in music. My friend who mixes says her transitions weren’t that good but I couldn’t really tell.”


Tess, a 2nd year Social Anthropology student:

“There was a good mix of beautiful people but they also had figures that weren’t too difficult to achieve, it wasn’t bad for my body image and I enjoyed it a lot. Everyone up there looked like they were having fun and the audience also had a lot of fun. I also felt like I got my money’s worth; the free drink was tasty, the show was great. I liked the set up of the runway in that it wasn’t that big so it created a personal feeling. I feel it should be a bigger show!”


Victor, a 3rd year History and Film student:

“The show was amazing. I came last year, and it’s constantly improving. It’s way more relaxed than the other shows, it’s more fun. I liked the Scottish themes that were throughout the show. The atmosphere was great, and the DJ was good as well. It was really good value for money, it’s so much cheaper than the other shows but you get just as much out of it.”


Comora, a 2nd year Economics student:

“I really enjoyed the show. The people were energetic and that translated well to the people in the audience, who built off of their energy. I definitely got my money’s worth – the free drink was good, and I came in on time and got a good spot by the stage, and I loved the goody bag. I loved the set up with the video in the background. It was a really diverse group of models that were attractive but also realistic. It was a healthy mix of people that didn’t feel unachievable. It would be cool if it could be in a different, bigger venue. I liked the intimacy of a smaller venue but it would be cool to branch out and have that vibe on a larger scale.”


Chris, 3rd year History student:

“It was a great show. There was such good energy from the models and the crowd, and the interactions between the models and the crowd were really good. It had good diversity, especially for St Andrews! I enjoyed the music a lot; it helped the crowd get involved and got their energy up. It was good value for money and not too expensive at all, especially considering all the effort the people put in for it. You got what you expected.”


Meredith, a 2nd year Art History student:

“The show was great, everyone looked amazing. The clothes were risqué and they got better throughout the show. There was a wide range of models that represented different aspects of beauty. I liked that they went to the corners of the runway as well. I feel like the auction was poorly coordinated, and the intermission was too long. I also expected it to be more crowded. I did get my money’s worth and I really enjoyed the goody bag. I liked the DJ’s taste in music, as it created a good atmosphere.”


Nick, a 2nd year Sustainable Development student:

“I liked it a lot! It was my 1st time and I had a really good time. I’m not usually into fashion but I enjoyed it. The DJ was killing it; the music was awesome. There were good interactions between the crowd and the models. I would definitely go again.”


As you can see, the overall response for the show was quite positive, with only some small critiques for easily solved issues. For a recent addition to the vibrant fashion scene in St Andrews, Catwalk is a departure from the status quo and is paving its own path to become a must-go event on our calendar.


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Sarah Gharib